star trek the next generation

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  1. gmprops

    Price Drop Star Trek Playmates Science Tricorder Electronics Upgrade kit

    FINAL PRICE DROP! 10 Only! $100USD each Hi Everyone! As many of you know, I have been designing and supplying electronics upgrade kits for Star Trek props for over 25 years. If you look at a lot of Hero version Trek tricorders and Phaser replicas that are for sale or just being displayed, you...
  2. PhuketAussie

    ST:TNG Deck Building Game - Game board design

    G'day. I recently acquired this game second hand from a chap in Bangkok. Although it's second hand it's as good as new because all the packs of cards inside remain unopened, only the box itself has ever been opened. Anyway, the game (as I'm sure you know) doesn't come with a game board, but...
  3. M

    Advice re: Star Trek NCC 1701-D Model

    Hi all - just wondered if there's anyone who might be able to give a bit of advice for a model build. It's the first time I'm going to build anything that isn't snap-together. I've got some Vallejo paints, I've got glue, I've got paintbrushes. I've got sandpaper. And I've just ordered some putty...
  4. Picard102

    [WIP] TNG Era Specimen Container

    Hey everyone, So as I'm stuck inside for however long now I've decided to try and tackle a project I've been wanting to do for a bit now, a scratch build TNG era specimen jar. I have a large glass jar of tribbles on my shelf that I'll be adding a cap and a base. I'm basing it roughly off the...
  5. B

    Star Trek Insurrection Engineering PADD Build

    A few months back I saw one of these PADD's go up for auction on eBay. It was the first time I'd seen this design, and since I really love building these things, I set out to add one to the collection. I built it out of the typical 1/8 " laser cut acrylic, but I REALLY didn't feel like trying...
  6. DB537

    Location, Exact Photo, and Full Uncropped Photo Found - Hotel Royale ST:TNG

    EDIT: LOCATION IDENTIFIED: It's Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV., circa 1979-89. Now, if possible, I need to locate the exact original photo that was used on the cover of the 'Hotel Royale' novel from the 1989 episode of Star Trek TNG. I am almost 100% certain that the cover image is a...
  7. DB537

    Interest Star Trek The Next Generation - 'Hotel Royale' Novel

    Interest thread for a possible limited run of the novel 'Hotel Royale' by Todd Matthews, from the season 2 episode 'The Royale': "A badly written book, filled with endless cliché and shallow characters." In the episode's script Data reviewed it: "The writing is elementary, the plotting...
  8. DB537

    Limited Run Star Trek TNG - Picard's 'Dixon Hill' Business Cards - SHIPPING NOW

    These are my new replicas of Picard's 'Dixon Hill' business cards as seen in S1 E11, 'The Big Goodbye'. Professionally printed. I completely recreated all of the card graphics using HD screencaps for reference. The cards have a matte finish and the weight and feel of a real business card. I...
  9. DB537

    Star Trek TNG - Picard's 'Dixon Hill' Business Cards

    These are my new replicas of Picard's 'Dixon Hill' business cards as seen in S1 E11, 'The Big Goodbye'. Professionally printed. I completely recreated all of the card graphics using HD screencaps for reference.
  10. 3

    Worf's Baldric (Sash) from Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine

    So, after a lot of research I finally gave in to making Worf's baldric! I recorded the entire construction process in a 2 part series and plan to continue on with making the additional items and costume to become Klingon! :) Episode 1 - Episode 2 -...
  11. raser13

    parts for a 350 stargazer build up queastions

    hey ladies and gents. since a 350 gazer kit i was going to buy fell through it's up to me to build my own. i know that the filming model is larger than the 350 scale enterprise models so the parts won't be able to be used to source mine. and the ones for the 573 vacuform kit from sfsm is way to...
  12. F

    Toy Klingon Disruptor upgrade mod

    I got a toy disruptor as a gift a few years ago and decided to paint it. I applied the standard weathering techniques (dark paint wash and wipe for added detail, dry-brush silver paint for "scratches" etc). It looked alright but I could still tell that it was a toy. That bothered me but I let it...
  13. FreddySchramm

    Star Trek TNG Playmates Tricorder graphics sourcing?

    Hey there I'm upgrading a playmates Star Trek TNG Tricorder with a second hand upgrade kit, I received it in the mail from someone god knows how long ago. I received a set of electronics which I believe to be from GM props, ( if i'm wrong feel free to correct me), but also with a set of...
  14. Fly4v

    Battlestar Galactica remake as a prequal for Blade Runner This is the first time I'm seeing this old interview with Edward James Olmos about Coco. Interestingly he links his BSG with Blade Runner. Has anyone else made that...
  15. L

    Tricorder Repair? Mark IX Some lights and sound stopped working

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a reliable place that can repair my mark IX tricorder? Some of the LEDs and the sound are not working. There's too much going on inside that little prop for me to go poking around. I asked them ( and they have no recommended repair service...
  16. Jake Kassnoff

    How To Make an Exploding space Ship Lamp

  17. Vincent V

    Klingon Cup

    I've always liked the old style Klingon cups (from before they started using aluminum measuring cups) but, as far as I can tell, there isn't a good replica available. Fortunately I just recently bought a 3D printer, so I whipped up this model in SolidWorks: And printed it out: Overall I'm...
  18. CottonFX

    Issues/questions with Alclad II Black Gloss Base

    Hi everyone, I am by no means an expert painter.. but I have recently decided to try the Alclad II brands of paints to achieve some polished metal finishes on a star trek prop that I am building now. Yesterday I did my first attempt at applying Alclad II black gloss base so that then I can...
  19. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek Cobra Phaser Electronic Upgrade Kits - Special Limited Price - Only on RPF

    I have new version 2 Cobra Phaser electronic upgrade kits available for a special price of $99.95US each shipped (regular price is $124.95). These are the full featured electronics with the 3 firing modes (2 pulsed, one continuous firing), enhanced sounds, UP/DOWN beeps, 20-LED display (each...
  20. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek Mark IX Science and Mark X Medical Tricorder Electronics Upgrade

    Hey guys, I will be doing a new run of Mark IX Science tricorder electronics. I have sold many of these over the years but I ran out of blank circuit boards for these about 2 months ago. I know there are still a lot of people out there that have purchased the body kit from Stapleton Productions...
  21. T

    Borg Alcove

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and would like to share a project. This is the Borg Alcove that I modeled and 3d printed, then painted and installed the electronics. The electronics are 2 led back lights and a working plasma disc. The Alcove stands 12 3/4 inches tall.
  22. TomSpinaDesigns

    Star Trek: Nemesis Tom Hardy Shinzon Costume Display

    Hey all, we had the chance to create a custom wax-style statue to display Tom Hardy's screen used Shinzon costumeStar Trek Nemesis. We had to make a very skinny (who knew?) mannequin to fit the suit, and we chose Tom Hardy’s look toward the end of the film where he is supposed to be aging...
  23. Jake Kassnoff

    USS Daedalus Scratchbuild

    Made a model of my favorite ship that never appeared on the show!
  24. S

    Question about Aluminium Foil Tape...

    Hey guys, i've been plodding about this site for quite a while now admiring all your beautiful work, and - after much deliberation - I've decided to get stuck in. So what I've been doing for my first project is a Klingon Bat'Leth (from Star Trek) out of some plywood. Maybe not the best...
  25. Marc Wagner

    Star Trek TNG/DS9 PADD w/ Interchangeable Screens

    I've been working on some PADDs for my Medical Kit and Engineering Kit. I made wooden forms which I molded in silicone to make resin copies. I placed a magnet sheet into the mold where the screen is so it would be embedded in the unit. I made different screens which I laminated and attached...

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