star trek generations

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  1. JANDERS10

    Pimping my Soran Disrupter

    Got this lovely kit from Nicksdad a while ago. I've decided to augment it, in an effort to make it look even more 'handmade', so here goes. Bored out the base and replaced the moulded thread with, okay, a load of washers superglued together. But placed in the butt, they have the look I was...
  2. Jediknightandy

    AMT Klingon Bird of Prey (Generations) finished with lighting

    Trying to get more active on this site, thought I'd share my first fully lit star ship model. I've always loved this ship ever since I watched the Search for Spock on repeat as a kid. It was my first time using fiber optics in a kit, it was a great learning experience and I will definitely be...
  3. L

    Tricorder Repair? Mark IX Some lights and sound stopped working

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a reliable place that can repair my mark IX tricorder? Some of the LEDs and the sound are not working. There's too much going on inside that little prop for me to go poking around. I asked them ( and they have no recommended repair service...
  4. Q

    star trek "film cells" for tricorder view screens

    Hi all. any thought on where I might obtain star trek related transparent film/cells - of a technical nature - planets, stars, ship, geo survey etc. for use in the "view screens" of my tricorder props which have electronics/backlights. I am new to the prop building community. Should have...
  5. Marko@Rockvoice

    Accurizing 1:2500 Enterprise D

    Hey folks! This is my FIRST Star Trek model EVER... I loved the look of the Enterprise D since I first saw it on TV... so... 20 years later... I got myself a 1:2500 model. Sure, that kit is great for that small scale, but has its flaws. So, I took the 6-ft-model as reference and did some...
  6. erik814u2

    I'm curious as to what your preference is??

    Hi everyone. I was just curious to know your thoughts, as fellow prop builders, what your preference is to work with: resin or vacuform plastic? In particular, when building the Star Trek Mark X Science or Medical Tricorders. Forget for a minute, if you will, what is more screen accurate...that...

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