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For a few years I have been offering metal Pan swords on Etsy, and because of lead time and price point I have not been able to produce these in a while.

In order for me to get more of these swords out I thought some may be interested in a resin version of the sword.

This is currently an interest thread to see if it will even be worth the time to knock some of these out. The swords will be cast directly off the Pan sword I made a few years ago and would be painted to match. Leather wrap on the handle and under the gaurd. I will also be pouring this resin with a metal rod running through the entire sword to help the structure of the blade.

Below you can see a few photos of the metal pan sword that I will be casting from.

We may also be offering a sword stand as seen below though we may upgrade the design a bit.


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Will the blade be shiny? I already have a sword from another maker, but without shiny blade. Another sword for Display would be nice, but depends on final price...
Also wondering about how shiny the blade will be. I got this one from Peter's run and I'm quite happy with it, but the shine could be a little bit more... I really wonder if this is achievable on a resin blade?


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