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  1. Nostradamus

    A new Chewe in Germany

    It starts. I start with a costume. Chewe. Limited by my poor knowledge of English, I moved through many reports and videos. With the help of mom :), I already have a mesh suit. Yesterday the ordered hair arrived, as did the needles. So, I can actually get started. At the beginning I...
  2. DaBuild

    Peter Pan METAL Sword from 1991 Hook movie

    Hello fellow makers, Here's my latest prop build video. Peter Pan metal sword from 1991 Hook movie from Steven Spielberg. Cheers! :) Dan
  3. N

    Searching for Killian Jones (Hook) real world vests

    Hello, I've been a long time follower of the community but this is my first time posting. I'm at a loss when attempting to locate what kind of vests Killian Jones wears when he is in his "casual clothing". I have a few pictures but have been unsuccessful when attempting to research. I hope...
  4. xena10ares

    BANGARANG : The Pan Sword

    Hello RPF! After missing out on a Pan sword run that was done some years ago I decided to tackle it myself! Hook has always been my favorite movie, and after getting the INCREDIBLE hook replica from Sarednab a few years ago I knew I had to have the Pan sword! I ordered brass stock for the...
  5. PartyPyrate

    Give us The Hook (Dustin Hoffman Hook) - WIP

    Progress Pictures: It has been a while since my last project (Shredder) and after some time and getting one of Sarednab's Dustin Hoffman Hooks I have decided to start the next. Dustin Hoffman- Hook. This will be a very long and slow build. It is a personal build and I have no deadlines I am...
  6. Mooniteman

    Made a Pan / Rufio sword template, need cutting advice

    Hey guys - Need a bit of advice here - looking to get this pattern I made cut in aluminum, plastic or wood. Located on LA & need it within the week. Open to suggestions! Feel free to use the template. The blade length is 22" from what I can tell; not including the tang. Cheers! -Moony
  7. E

    Making Roadhog's hook without woodwork?

    So I am planning on dressing up as Roadhog for an upcoming convention, and I have no idea how to make Roadhog's hook. Its rather 3D, but I have no woodwork tools available. Is there any way to make his hook? It doesn't need to be able to be carried around, as I may just attach it to another prop.
  8. Indy Magnoli

    Hook (1991) Waistcoat

    We've received a few requests for Hook costume parts over the last couple of months and just completed this waistcoat, based on the one worn by Dustin Hoffman (most clearly seen at the end of the film when he's not wearing his coat over the top): Captain's Waistcoat by Magnoli Clothiers We're...
  9. G

    Captain Hook's Hook - PROJECT CANCELLED

    Update as of February 6, 2016: The prop maker who was originally working on this prop has decided for reasons insensible to me to cease continuing working on this project and therefore it will not be completed. Please beware of Australian prop maker Bentley O'Toole. He is a crook and a...
  10. Rivka

    Once Upon A Time - everything about !

    Hi here !Before starting, I have to say that I'm French so sorry for my English !I've watch OUAT 1st season about a year ago and 'till know I'm just scotched to it ! Before watching, I didn't like the idea of the show (mixing fairytales with modern life) but the result is so great ! You just...
  11. G

    HOOK (1991) Captain Hook's Hidden Sword

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone have any good reference pictures/screen captures of the small sword that Captain Hook hides up his sleeve in the final battle? I tried taking some just now and the pics didn't come out too good. I've attached them here. I am looking to have this prop replicated as a...
  12. TheDarkRideBoy

    Peter Pan 2003 Replica Costume

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a Peter Pan (2003) costume? I want the leaves to be worn and faded. It says in the book that he was "clothed in skeleton leaves". Any ideas?
  13. CaptainEO

    Pan's Sword from Hook (stunt and stab version)

    Hey everyone. So I'm super excited, so forgive me if I ramble, but I just purchased my first screen used prop! Two at that! I saw a thread back in March on the main forum about a replica Pan's sword from the movie Hook. Someone mentioned that they knew someone who had 2 screen used swords from...
  14. Trap Joe

    screen used Hoffman Captain Hook and Roberts Tinkerbelle costume - Spielberg movie

    I am so happy that I had this opportunity: Now for me a dream came true . Throughout many happy quincedences, I had the opportunity to buy the original Hero-Hook-Costume from a private collector.:cool:) Dustin Hoffman wore it as Hook in the same called Spielberg movie. I put the costume on...

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