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Need help learning how to cast my own helmets/ masks, the whole pepekura thing is getting a little boring, and cant make the high quality looking masks either
well I'd say the starting procedure is usually to sculpt the helmet, then mold it in silicone for instance smooth on's rebound 25, once that is cured you would cast with a resin of your choosing.
Exodiac, don't run before you learn how to walk. It is evident that you have done no prior research to this when there are available videos on youtube on how to mold a bio mask. There are outside sources that are available... especially on youtube. Furthermore why are we speaking of molding/casting when the bio mask sculpt/pepakura item is not ready to mold? Get one thing done at a time.

Thank you for the video, I have seen many of them just trying to clarify several of the steps in the process that i find a bit blurry. As well as just attempting to think of what I'm getting into.
After watching I see how challenging this may be, but it looks like a load of fun, what clay would you recommend a newbie to begin sculpting with?
It depends. Allot of people use WED clay, however you have to make sure it doesn't dry out. It's a rather cheap clay you can get online. Personally I highly recommend Monster Clay, as it's oil based (meaning it gets softer when you apply heat, and harder if you apply cold) and it can't "dry out" so you have unlimited work time. It's also easy to reuse. Drawback being a 5lb tub of it is about 40$ shipped.
How do your base started? I have heard that using a pepakura mask, and stacking clay on top while defining it more, works.
If you are a cheater (like i am:D) you can make pepakura mask or head, put Rondo inside and remove all paper. after cleaning you can make final shape with bondo\clay\plastelin\tears of dragon\virgin blood:D
this is my experimental method for predator head.
Exodiac. There is nothing called Rondo, he made a typo. Wasn't that obvious? Furthermore... I really advise that you look at the pinned posts on each of the forum categories they shall help you with almost everything you require. It helps if you actually read alot of the info provided as you can get a better understanding of things. Please go read up... people can't feed you information until you have done research yourself. Something I learned when I started out..
I've seen a lot of people using Smooth on rebound 25, is that just a preference or can rebound 40 be used as well. I understand rebound 40 is a hard mold, and rebound 25 is rubber like.
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