1. Rentokill72

    Non-electronic display for the gauntlet computer - interesting or not?

    Hey guys, I hope I am not overstepping here - I have had a surprising amount of success with my lenticular displays for the Mandalorian wrist computer. That made me think - could this little gadget be interesting for makers of other props as well? Here is an example: Stark Studios - Lenticular...
  2. trvann

    Predator Bust for sale

    1:1 Predator bust w/stand, glass eyes, quill set for sale. I don't know who made this casting. $400 shipped
  3. MBsK

    Bio Helmet construction, painting, tips and help!

    Hello guys! It's been a while without creating new helmets, I'm looking to improve my painting techniques first. I basically apply primer and use automotive spray paint. The result is good, but I want something more professional. • I don't want something super complex, but I would like to make...
  4. MBPfx

    Life-sized Predator display figure

    Here's a life-sized predator I made for a collector's home theater. I rigged it with a remote that when activated, a sound clip from the film would play and the laser sight on the environmental helmet would light up. Fun project!
  5. crawjaw

    ALIEN VS PREDATOR Bas Relief Urethane Casts For Sale (Price reduced)

    I have a selection of casts made from my own oil clay sculpture and mould of Alien vs Predator and as far as I'm aware nobody else has done this so they are essentially unique. The sculpture is based on the iconic poster artwork from the first AVP movie. Each measures 480mm (18.9in) x 390mm...
  6. Superpredmaster

    Finished Serpent Hunter build (Pictureand text heavy)

    So about March last year I decided to make my first full predator suit. I finally decided on trying to bring Serpent hunter from the AvP 2010 video game to life. The first pieces I made were the chest and waist armor. All of the "metal" pieces were made from 2mm and 6mm eva foam that I...
  7. Justin1

    Narin's Death Warrior

    Hey, everyone! It's been a long minute since I've been here, and it looks totally different now, but figured I'd share this here since I just finished it up, figured someone may be lurking that may enjoy seeing it. I know there are a lot of versions of this kit out there so I wanted to do...
  8. wolfassassin

    AvP fan discord

    I used to use "Predatorium" when I was younger and I was a little bummed to not see the forums as active after the merge. I've recently been rediscovering my love for the series and thought a less official place to communicate could be fun. I haven't been able to find a place to discuss one of...
  9. MoeSizzlac

    My P1 Themed Predator Costume with Electronics and Sounds. (Pic Heavy)

    My late 2019 project I decided to take on was a Predator Costume like the one from the 1987 movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well not a 1/6th scale costume but rather a full sized one. I can't make the costume perfect movie accurate because 1) I am no where near the height of the...
  10. crawjaw

    Alien versus Predator 19 inch Plaque

    Just finished casting this in cold cast copper. Going to have other finishes including glow in the dark, metallic cobalt blue, unpainted white polyurethane and anything else I can think to use. It measures 19 inches x 16 inches x 2 inches.
  11. haereticus

    Fugitive Predator Mask. Molding/painting

    Hello. The moment came when I decided to publish my work, maybe someone will be interested in it and he will want to order this or another mask from me. The manufacturing process began with a print on the 3D mask printer for my file. After printing, the post-processing took a long time. I...
  12. EwokHolocaust

    Predator Trophy Wall Compilation

    I assembled a compilation of the Predator Trophy Rooms from the franchise. Did I miss any important ones?
  13. L

    Ram Predator Mask

    Hi everyone, my name is Luciano and this is my first post in the forum. I am a Sculptor - Creature and Character Designer. I just want to share with you the last prop I made with the goal of receiving positive criticism. Thank you and hope you like it! :)
  14. L

    Ram Predator Mask

    Hi everyone, my name is Luciano and this is my first post in the forum. I am a Sculptor - Creature and Character Designer. I just want to share with you the last prop I made with the goal of receiving positive criticism. Thank you and hope you like it! :lol:
  15. Jediknightandy

    Old Age Predator Sculpt- 1/4 scale

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share my WIP of this Predator I started in order to better practice my Anatomy and character sculpting skills. I built the throne quickly as a placeholder from MDF and other bits of scrap wood. There is a heavy gauge aluminium wire armature under the clay. almost 6kgs of...
  16. Wreav

    Wolf Project (2019)

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted here in a while so thought I would start this off by showing one of the (2019) project concepts. ThorKhorn a member of the Predatorium community came to me seeking a custom character and we initially went over various concepts and he chose on. We dubbed it the...
  17. arkhipenko

    Predator costume with active head tracking by the plasma gun

    Just wanted to share with like-minded (or rather like-obsessed) people my latest creation: a Predator costume with active head movement tracking by the shoulder-mounted "plasma" gun. The costume also has 2 sound systems for separate beast and equipment sounds. Check it out! I can provide limited...
  18. Jake Kassnoff

    The Predator Biomask

    Here's how i made a budget predator mask:
  19. Rashaadator

    Fugitive predator Mask

    Was excited to get this done for the premiere of the movie. Its latex and flex foam combo.
  20. M

    Predator figure repaint kits

    Hello I'm wondering if any of you have links for unpainted predator figures that I can purchase?
  21. R


    Hi there! So lucky to have found this community. There's so much awesome stuff in here! I'm producing a video project and we are currently looking for a great full body Predator costume and performer. The job is paid, and will be shooting in Los Angeles on 8/28. There are stunts involved...
  22. EwokHolocaust

    Predator Spaceships

    Check out a compilation of Predator Spaceships from the movies, games and comic books: Predator Spaceships Some really different and ridiculous designs here.
  23. EwokHolocaust

    Top 10 Predator Weapons

    I compiled a list from the Predator movies and games. Do you agree with the list? Top 10 Predator Weapons
  24. FrenchHunter

    My first Bio

    Hi guys, this is my first bio, i sculpted it 2 years ago but i would like to share some pics with you. You can follow me on Facebook : ReplicAlex Thanks :)
  25. vebo1

    The Predator