1. crawjaw

    Alien versus Predator 19 inch Plaque

    Just finished casting this in cold cast copper. Going to have other finishes including glow in the dark, metallic cobalt blue, unpainted white polyurethane and anything else I can think to use. It measures 19 inches x 16 inches x 2 inches.
  2. L

    Ram Predator Mask

    Hi everyone, my name is Luciano and this is my first post in the forum. I am a Sculptor - Creature and Character Designer. I just want to share with you the last prop I made with the goal of receiving positive criticism. Thank you and hope you like it! :lol:
  3. mugatu

    Want to Buy Predator (1987) Glass Yautja Eyes

    Hello. I’m Chris Hansen and I want to know what you are doing with duck tape and a coffee can full of vaseline in your trunk. Actually, tonight I am looking to Catch a Predator’s glass eyes... Looking for a set of glass Yautja eyes that match the original Predator from the 1987 movie Predator...
  4. Jediknightandy

    Old Age Predator Sculpt- 1/4 scale

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share my WIP of this Predator I started in order to better practice my Anatomy and character sculpting skills. I built the throne quickly as a placeholder from MDF and other bits of scrap wood. There is a heavy gauge aluminium wire armature under the clay. almost 6kgs of...
  5. Wreav

    Wolf Project (2019)

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted here in a while so thought I would start this off by showing one of the (2019) project concepts. ThorKhorn a member of the Predatorium community came to me seeking a custom character and we initially went over various concepts and he chose on. We dubbed it the...
  6. TheLMAN

    Want to Buy Predator 1 Dreadlocks and ornaments

    Title says it all. If you guys know where I can find some of these or if you are selling any, please contact me. Also looking for the skull necklace he is wearing in the first movie. Thank you!
  7. Jake Kassnoff

    The Predator Biomask

    Here's how i made a budget predator mask:
  8. Mr Mold Maker

    Predator GORT / Guardian Bio Helmet!

    Hey folks.. wanted to share a recent piece I painted. It’s a Gort Bio helmet. For those who aren’t fans of The Predator, this was the original design for the biohelmet in P1. They later changed it to the simplified design that we know today, and then this biohelmet was used at the end of P2 as...
  9. Shoguno

    Predator - Yautja (Character name: Jir'Xar)

    Greetings members of TheRPF! So here is the costume i am building at the moment, i know there is a website for predator costume but still not a lot of people go there for references... so if I can give the ideas to more people of making this suit...then be it!
  10. T

    Veteran Huntress Predator by Wreav

    At the start of this year I reached out to Wreav, they are a team of 3 individuals; Marwan, Scott and TJ who collaborate together to create some of the most incredible Predator costumes around. I had seen a previous Huntress Predator they did last summer online and fell in love with it. I've...
  11. Blue Scorpion

    Want to Buy Predator Suit - parts?

    Hi Guys.... Merry Christmas! I'm looking to get a predator suit / outfit of some kind, I'm gutted I missed this one in the junk yard a couple of weeks ago, that would have been ideal to start with as this will be my first foray into this arena, I...
  12. Wreav

    Arctic Female Predator

    Hi everyone! I'm the overseer of the Predatorium and thought this build would be of great interest to the RPF community! So this was in the 'talking' phase for a while. A really awesome cosplayer came and asked for an Arctic style female Predator so we discussed possible paint jobs and I...
  13. nbehling

    Batman and Robin Predator Mashups

    Hi everybody. This year for halloween I decided to make Batman and Robin Predators (I need a fancy name like Predabat or Robintor). I have been posting updates on the Predatorium but thought it belongs here as well. I have a bunch of old Dark Knight costume pieces that ended up with...
  14. Wreav

    Female Predator Sculpt

    Here are some W.I.P pictures that my team and I have done over the past day or so.
  15. JAEGER

    Want to Buy WTB: Predators Machete with sheath

    Hello, im putting together a Royce costume from the movie predators and i need to locate some replica knives. I would prefer resin or mold cast replicas for a "con safe version" the machete should come with a woodland camo leather sheath or leather sheath with camo fabric overlay. the other...
  16. A

    M134 Predator Minigun Ol' Painless, building a exact replica with Real parts!

  17. Wreav

    Predator SM Bust

    Hi guys, just wanted to show my updated works.
  18. xdmray

    Falmer trophy Predator bio WIP

    SO i have had this bio sitting around for a while and decided i would kit bash it with one of my falmer helmets.
  19. 213ardj

    Arnold costume/props

    Does anyone know what the cheapest prop/costume Arnold Schwarcenegger used? Screen used or replica probably replica.
  20. G

    Mass Effect m-3 Predator Help

    Hey guys, I am trying to make an M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol Prop from an old laser gun I have. It is a Wowwee Light strike Pistol. I will actually be using the prop in a LARP that involves traveling through forests (at worst) or Airsoft fields (at best). My main question is will EVA foam be...
  21. Dugzor

    Predator (P1) Bio Mask Pep

    Who wouldn't want a Predator Bio Mask hanging on their wall? Or on their face? My first foray into prop building, and so far, I'm really enjoying it. I've been a fan of Predator since I was way too young to have watched it, and have longed for a bio mask prop. I'm working on a budget, so I...
  22. Arktic

    Predator costume build

    Hey everyone - I'm posting this over the The Hunter's Lair / Predatorium, but thought there might be some interested folks here too. I've started to get a super budget Predator costume build together, and thought I'd share a few work in progress images. I'm hoping to wear the costume to a...
  23. W

    Tutorial: How to paint an elder predator bio helmet with Joe "ta2pro" Evans

    Our latest tutorial, this time Joe shows us how he paints an elder predator bio, enjoy!
  24. V

    Tricky project - Machiko cannon

    Hello all. We are currently working on a Machiko costume, based on the HotToys figure. One of the ideas is to connect the helmet to the cannon, so the cannon moves when I move my head. It can be done, I just need to know how. We have a basic understanding of electronics and circuits, and the...
  25. F

    Predator costume build question

    Hello fellow ones! Anyone knows how to get or make an undersuit and the body-netting for a predator costume? The armor parts i can make using jfcustom's foam files :) Thanks!