1. COlson

    Makita (from "The Red Star")

    I am very pleased and excited to get to finally reveal this commission paint job I did on this fantastic sculpt of Makita, from the graphic novel "The Red Star", by Christian Gossett. The sculptor of this figure is unknown and only 2 of these figures were ever produced. I feel very privileged...
  2. RevChumley

    Aughra from The Dark Crystal Mask sculpt

    DragonCon is coming up, so time to get started on this years project. My girlfriend requested I do the sculpt for her Aughra costume. So it has begun! First pic is a rough block in. This is around hour 5 of sculpting. This is about 10 hours into the sculpt. That's where i'm at. I'll...
  3. Jediknightandy

    Old Age Predator Sculpt- 1/4 scale

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share my WIP of this Predator I started in order to better practice my Anatomy and character sculpting skills. I built the throne quickly as a placeholder from MDF and other bits of scrap wood. There is a heavy gauge aluminium wire armature under the clay. almost 6kgs of...
  4. Fauno, booksandcorsets

    Fauno, booksandcorsets

    Fauno from del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. Photo is by Soulfire Studios. Costume stands 6'8" and horn span is about 4 feet wide. Build thread is here, thank you for reading!
  5. Judge Death

    Judge Death

    This is my vision of Judge Death. I always thought JD's helmet looked far too clean and crisp in the comics, everything about him was dead and decayed, yet his helmet was almost pristine. I decided to change this. My vision has the helmet battered and worn, battle damage can be see on all...