1. N

    Anyone know where I can get some Hot Toys Berserker parts?

    Hi, I've had a Hot Toys Berserker for quite a while, and due to that he is practically falling apart in a few areas, his chest armor has completely tattered due to the leather apparently being real ****** and just deteriorating for some reason, and his mask is also ****** to ****. Anyone know...
  2. Samuel

    Berserker predator latex mask

    hey everyone looking for someone who makes a berserker predator mask blank. Thanks !
  3. Wreav

    Interesting Post Thread (Reference/Guides/Suits/Movies/Builds)

    Hey guys, I created this thread for the sole purpose of compiling a list of important/interesting threads/picture albums on this forum. This could be very useful to future members who come to the forums and simply want to check out something cool. (This section I have created is for Albums...
  4. B

    Berserker Half Mask

    Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who makes berserker half masks?
  5. carss66

    predator bust's wip

    wip predator's working on still.but which do you think would sell.all or none.
  6. puppetacoeur

    Berserker jungle diorama.

    Hello guys, I am a big fan of the Berserker Predator; for his design..., but also because of the north mythological reference to the Berserk. Some pics I realized with my Hot Toys Berserker model in a jungle mood: P.S.: I am very happy to had discover this forum and...
  7. Exodiac

    Help Needed

    Need help learning how to cast my own helmets/ masks, the whole pepekura thing is getting a little boring, and cant make the high quality looking masks either