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  1. L

    Question about silicone molding latex

    Hi! would I be able to make a mold of a latex mask I have with silicone?
  2. Seananigans

    M41A Pulse Rifle Cast Pewter Parts.

    My metal Airsoft Thompson receiver conversion into a ‘functional’ replica for my Aliens Pulse Rifle build. The receiver is a CYMA with the internal parts removed and a little dremel work, the bolt is aluminium and cast pewter, I’m slowly working my way through the 3d printed resin parts and...
  3. amberRavine


    Hello fellow artist and creators, I have a really dumb question as I am new to casting, and want to do a big project that i cant get help on. But would it be possible to make a full size bust casting/or full head and using the clay bust to put on a mannequin body so I don't have to...
  4. TheScratcher

    Fix difficult resin casting problem?

    How would you repair pinholes from bubbles in a casting that are just a mm in diameter but can NOT just be filled with glue or whatever? As you can see in the picture it is not only "holes" but rather missing parts of a thin, protruding line. A 1mm diameter wire, in fact. "Filling" it with a...
  5. helix_3

    What's a good sculptable casting material?

    I want to make a mold of an object, cast an intermediate object that I can remix/ cut/ sculpt, then make a mold of the remixed item. Two questions: 1) Is there a name for this kind of procedure? 2) What's the best material for the intermediate object? Wax seems like it'd be great, because you...
  6. propsityourself

    Vytaflex 40 Question

    Hi guys ! First time posting and for a problem i have nonetheless x) By advance sorry if there is a special threads for help, i didn't find it ^^' But anyway ! I'm working on the second version of my Trauma Team cosplay from Cybverpunk 2077. The v1 got me in the cosplay contest final ! But...
  7. P

    A few questions about urethane molds - clean up, prep & adhesive

    I just successfully pulled my first urethane mold off of the plug and I have a few questions. 1. I used Sharkthane FlexPro 60-20. The plug was 20lb foam painted with primer. Although I waxed the plug and sprayed it with PVA some of the primer still stuck to the urethane. What's the best way...
  8. PlanetAlexander

    Avoid Pooling when Slush Casting

    I've recently done a couple of cast of a Borderlands 3 Psycho mask, using slush casting. I'm using Smooth Cast 300 for the resin. Problem is when the resin really starts to set, it starts to pool and form in one spot, as I'm sure has happened to most people. You can see the ugly and uneven...
  9. Scruff925

    Cold casting graphite

    Has anyone ever tried cold casting with graphite powder instead of the typical aluminum, nickel, etc? I have some that I’ve used as a metallic finish but I’m curious if it would work being mixed into the resin.
  10. Q

    Casting detailed object questions

    I'm in the process of making a replica of the Zafiro Anejo bottle topper from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I'm sculpting it out of Sculpey clay, and I planned to bake it, make a mold, cast it in resin and paint it copper, however I'm afraid it would be difficult to remove the topper from...
  11. coffeehedake

    Jurassic Park - Federal Signal 191X (Mini)

    Hey everyone. I figured this would be a good place to post the progress of my Federal Signal 191X Replica, from the electrified fences in Jurassic Park. I'm miniaturizing these to adorn the top of some portable stanchions, to create a barrier around my motorpool Jeep. (JP58) When the 3D...
  12. T

    Hi! Require Resin Recommendations

    Hi All, first post ever - long time lurker. ;) Hoping you can help me - I am currently about to finish off a 2 year (Zeke the Organoid from Zoids) action figure project and have done a fair bit of research on the topic, but would prefer if someone out here could advise from personal...
  13. thepoynt

    Tips for making mold of complex prop

    Hello all! Thinking about making my first two-part mold (only past experience is with simple one-parters) and I'm looking for tips and advice from the hive mind for this particular prop. It's a model based on some gorgeous concept art of the Thorn handcannon from Destiny: I'd like to do a...
  14. PlanetAlexander

    Basic Mold Making for Detailed Prop

    I'm in Australia and I'm looking for some basic materials for mold making. I've never done mold making before so I want to keep the cost down while I learn about it. I want to make Mazikeen's Karambits from Lucifer, which are pretty detailed. I've considered using Sculpey to create the...
  15. S

    Destiny 2 Better Devils (Also Help?

    Hail and Well Met, my dudes. Been a bit, but I recently started a project for fun, and an excuse to boot up the 3D printer again. I've been working on finishing the print of Better Devils, the Destiny 2 Kinetic Hand Cannon. Because I know my machine well, I actually scrubbed some details off and...
  16. X

    Are there cheaper alternatives to Smooth On products?

    Hey all, so a while back I posted progress on making a 3d model of the shock baton from ghost in the shell, however I did get a little stuck on it, and I also realized that for what I want to do, it would be a lot of work to clean up the print lines, and it also would probably feel quite...
  17. Exodiac

    Help Needed

    Need help learning how to cast my own helmets/ masks, the whole pepekura thing is getting a little boring, and cant make the high quality looking masks either
  18. Jok3r0314

    Small soldiers archer sculpt

    This is what I have so far, it's got a lot to go but in time he should start coming together for sure

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