1. charliesg22


    Any advice massively appreciated. I was asked to make a martian tentacle, it needed to be 2.4 m in length, be strong enough to be dropped from a ceiling everyday a few times a day for 3 years have flexibility and look slimey. I was only given a small amount of time to do this therefore was...
  2. FreddySchramm

    ANUBIS head Feedback on my molding partline and silicone choice.

    Would love some opinions on my molding process from the think tank. I'm planning on molding this Wed clay sculpt using a brush on silicone. (Hoping to get a very long life out of this mold) Im going to crystal clear it beforehand. As far as my part line goes, I'm thinking of jewel cutting a...
  3. helix_3

    Smoothing silicone mold interior with a second coat?

    I have a 3d printed master, don't require tight dimensional accuracy, but do want a nice surface finish. The master has deep pits that would be very difficult to properly sand. Would it be possible to remove the 3D printing lines by creating a mold, and then applying a thin second layer of...
  4. Exodiac

    Help Needed

    Need help learning how to cast my own helmets/ masks, the whole pepekura thing is getting a little boring, and cant make the high quality looking masks either
  5. Jok3r0314

    Small soldiers archer sculpt

    This is what I have so far, it's got a lot to go but in time he should start coming together for sure
  6. Davy Jones

    Davy Jones