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i don't know what clipart frame is.
Clipart is a pre-made image that you can use freely without copyright issues. So basically, an image that you find somewhere, whether it's an actual clipart that's distributed by a company like Dover, or an illustration in an old book; and then you reuse it in your artwork without having to worry about copyright. Minalima does that a lot. Most of their illustrations are cliparts. Well, majority of film artists do it. Those frames were not made for the film but rather just taken from an old book and reused with added numbers.


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I understand, but I didn't use the clipart you are describing, as the design is all hand drawing here is what I used.
I made the drawings on gimp.
I also replaced the file, because the blue oval design were in fact horrible, I have two files with same name, one is older.
I don't go very often in my potter album as I didn't work on potter things for a while.
And after checking again at my files I saw I made a mistake the small high labels are too small. the right size is about twice, I will make a new drawing, when I made the small vertical labels I only had the top right picture, thinking the box was about 4cm high, truth is label itself seems to be 5cm high...As I have hundreds of boxes like the one on bottom I will draw new labels, and put on them in my room, to simulate ollivander shop, one day.
boites ollivander .png


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