Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!


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HAs anyone had any luck in making any of these labels? Help would be great


the Magician

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Some inspiring images. I hope they will be helpful



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Surely some have already been shared here before, because they are from many years ago. But I do not know all the open topics. The intention was to provide ideas or information in case someone was useful
The share is more than appreciated, these days many of the older post links have been broken and thus the files lost. Thanks again for sharing.


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any one have a good replica of The note written by Dumbledore To Harry with the invisibility cloak at Christmas?


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Hi all, looking for two fonts i cant find to finish a quibbler page any help it will be grateful! thanks!
My page
Captura de pantalla 2019-06-22 a las 16.43.05.png

Fonts i cant find
Captura de pantalla 2019-06-22 a las 13.45.29.pngCaptura de pantalla 2019-06-21 a las 19.00.03.png


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HiNote Cape d'Invisibilité.png,

In my spare time, I entertained him by doing this in French: Dumbledore's note about the Cape of Invisibility... Well yes, it is rare that we see props-replicators like us, making replicas in a language other than the original one.