Is there an extensive book on the props from Harry Potter?


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Watching some behind the scene stuff with my kids I got to wondering, is there a book that showcases the hard work on the props and sets of the Harry Potter movies; and NOT the novelty kids type books that just show the pictures and a stupid caption that doesn’t highlight the hard work making the props etc?
Anyone point me in a good direction please
bondoking I just noticed you also mentioned the sets; I don't own this one, so I can't vouch for quality, but there's also "The Blueprints" by Jody Revenson. It looks perhaps a bit more sparse on commentary judging by flip-throughs posted online, but then again, almost every page seems to be filled with scans of the original designs.

And if you're ever in London, I recommend the Warner Bros. Studio Tour; just about every major prop or set piece you can think of is displayed.
I would highly recommend the book Harry Potter : Page to Screen- The Complete filmmaking journey by Bob McCabe. It gives very comprehensive coverage of all behind the scenes aspects of the series - sets, costumes, characters, production art etc.

There is also a very good book covering the concept artwork - The Art of Harry Potter by Marc Sumerak.

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