Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!


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Hello Harry Potter fans--

Due to the large amount of graphics I have been doing and the disorganization of the threads we have been posting on, I decided to organize all of my items onto one thread.

Recently Updated:

The front page of this thread is getting completely revamped from text links to thumbnail links for creations to be shared. The dead links have been removed and more stuff will be added as time and contributions permit. If you have comments on the links or content or would like to contribute please post your comment to the thread rather than PMing it to Hinkypunk or Barneyrfd.

Candy & Weasley Stuff

Whiz-Bang Fireworks by Woozlemom, Bertie Botts Box by ecl
Weasley Price tags by ElliotStone, Chocolate Frog Cards by decat

wiz-bang-1.jpg berniebeansbox-1.jpg weasleyprice1-1.jpg weasleyprice2-1.jpg

chocfrogcardSlytherin-1.jpg chocfrogcardHufflepuff-1.jpg chocfrogcardGryffindor-1-1.jpg chocfrogcardDumbledore-1.jpg


Tales of Beedle the Bard & ADV Potion Making By ecl, Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore by ElliotStone

bbardecl-1.jpg advpotions-1.jpg backspine-1.jpg


Misc Ministry of Magic graphics & ADV Potion Making Chapter by DavyHPFan
Hogwarts Tag and Library Checkout list by Elliotstone, Scrivenshafts Sticker by Wooze

two-1.jpg potionschapter5pg2728-1.jpg stamp-1.jpg stamp2-1.jpg stamp-1.jpg pic001-1.jpg DECREEFORTHEJUSTIFIABLEETC-1.jpg
owlcharmspaper001-1.jpg Indexcard-1.jpg quillbox-1.jpg Expresstag-1.jpg

Daily Prophets

youknowwhosmall-1.jpg undesireablecopy-2.jpg

Weasley Wizard Wheezes & Zonkos

trickssmalljpg.jpg unopoo-1.jpgcanyousmellsomethingcopy-1.jpg eggscopy-1.jpg justlikethathatcopy-1.jpg micesmall.jpg

extendableears.jpg aviatsmall.jpgboxingscope-1.jpg electricshocksmall-1.jpg antigravityhatssmall-1.jpg custardpiessmall.jpg

jinxsmall.jpg stickytrainerssmall.jpgportableswampsmall.jpg rubbyochickensmall.jpg weasleywandssmall.jpg

Magazine Covers & Pamphlets

witchweeklysmall.jpg seekerweeklysmall.jpgbroomsticksmall-1.jpg witchweekly2small.jpg seekerweekly3small.jpgmudbloodsHR-2.jpg


dumbledoresarmy-1.jpgollivanders-1.jpgharrynotes-1.jpg lockhart2-1.jpg invisibilitycloakletter-1.jpg

test1copys.jpg test2copys.jpg test3copy2.jpg test4copy2.jpg test5copy2.jpg test6copys.jpg

test1blank-1.jpg test2blank-1.jpg test3blank-1.jpg test4blank-1.jpg test5blank-1.jpg test6blank-1.jpg

lilylettefrontr-1.jpg lilyletterback-1.jpg wwsignsmall.jpg albuswillsmall.jpg lunalostsmall.jpg polyjuicesmall.jpg doloreslettersmall.jpg

kwikspellpg1small.jpg kwikspellpg2small.jpg kwikspellenvelopesmall.jpg durmstrang-1.jpg

When Muggles Attack -


Mudbloods and How to Spot Them -


Defence Against the Dark Arts -



Dark Forces -


Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Household Pests -


The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore -


A History of Magic -


Magical Waterplants of the Highland Lochs -


Dark Arts Defence / Basics for Beginners -


Advanced Potion Making -


Hogwarts, A History -


Death Omens -


Charm Your Own Cheese -

charmsmall.jpg charmspine-1.jpg charm-1.jpg

One Minute Meals -


Flying with the Cannons -


A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration -


Ancient Runes Made Easy -

ancientrunessmall.jpg ancientrunesspine-1.jpg ancientrunesback-1.jpg

Secrets of the Darkest Arts -

secretssmall.jpg secretsback-1.jpg secretsback2-1.jpg

Unfogging the Future -


Miscellaneous Stuff

Potion Labels
These labels can be used on any bottles, however, Terryhimself directed us toward some great ones that Michael's sells and these are designed specifically for them. Each number corresponds to the bottle number.


1: Wartcap Powder - Wolfsbane Potion - Death-Cap - Draught of Living Death

wartcappowder-1.jpg wolfsbane-1.jpg deathcap-1.jpg draughtofliving-1.jpg

2. Dittany - Drink of Despair

dittany-1.jpg drinkofdespair-1.jpg

3. Agrippa


4. Antimony - Armodillo Bile - Horklump Juice

antimony-1.jpg armodillobile-1.jpg horklumpjuice-1.jpg

5. Amortentia


6. Unicorn Blood


Bottle Labels

Butterbeer - Daisyroot - Ockyrot - Quintin Black

butterbeer-1.jpg daisyroot-1.jpg ockyrotsmall.jpg quintinblack-1.jpg

Standard Book of Spells - Magical Theory - Magical Drafts & Potions

Standardbookofspells-300dpi-14x21-5-1.jpg Magical-theory-300dpi-14x18-1.jpg MagicalDraftsandPotions300dpi-11p5x15p75-1.jpg

Bottle labels

White Rat Whiskey - Knot Grass Mead - Fire Whiskey

White-Rat-Whisky-300dpi-1.jpg Knotgrass-Mead-300dpi-1.jpg Firewhiskey-label-1.jpg

Seed packets

Gillyweed-Seed - Mandrake-Seed - Devils-Snare - Fanged-Geranium - Mimbulus-Mimbletonia

Gillyweed-Seed-Packet-1.jpg Mandrake-Seed-Packet-1.jpg Devils-Snare-Seed-Packet-1.jpg Fanged-Geranium-Seed-Packet-1.jpg Mimbulus-Mimbletonia-Seed-Packet-2.jpg
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Thanks for all this work put together! A very hard one!
Suggestions : letters ? Howler , acceptance letter , Kwikspell ... Bank one , Sirius letter carried with the Owl...
Another cool props : Magic id. Card from the book Film Wizardry , candies packaging ...
Hinkypunk, i love your stuff, all of them are just wonderful. oh may i ask you something; is Lily Potter's letter from harry's artefact box? thank you very much.
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anyone know what size the Gilderoy test pages are? 8.5x11? Larger? I know they are supposed to be printed front and back.

Thanks for posting all this great work in one place Hinkypunk! very cool of ya! :)
@Bobby - You're welcome!

@Sloppy - I do not, I have just been repeating the background along the spine and because I'm putting my books up high on a shelf, where if they were opened, no one would notice that its not actually ancient runes made easy, but actually and old copy of Lord of the Rings. However if you need any spines or repeating backgrounds, I'd be happy to oblige.

@Norbert - We'll get the rest of the hogs head bottles some day, I promise you, but like I said, the one is hard and the old ocky rot bottle has a lot of words I can't read because they are behind the wall. As far as printing the Daily Prophets, you can either print it in half and do seams, or you can make it smaller and print it on 8.5x11 but it won't look very good. I recomend the seam version if you dont know anyone that has a very large printer.

@Cristobal - I can do the howler letter most definitely, I think I already have the font. However there is only one set of instructions ----> HP Howler- Instructions by *mizutamari on deviantART for how to make a howler and I haven't tried it yet. If anyone is good at origami, I'd really really like to know cuz I'd love a howler at actual size. The one there is really big.

As far as your other requests go, Kwikspell is on my list of things to do, the sorcerer's stone thread has acceptance letters. At some point I will be making a real one, but that won't before my party (March 12th). I have no idea what Bank One is and which letter from Sirius? I don't have the film wizardry book, so if you want something out of there youll have to take pictures of it and send it to me.

@lynx - the letters from lily aren't official by any means. I just wanted to have one so I made that. When my artefact boxes come sometime in 2013, because thats my usual timeframe when working with Noble Collection, I'll make one that looks like the one in the box for everyone. Until I have an actual photo of it, this is what we've got to work with :(

@keelhauler - In the photos they look like they are about 11 x 17, but we've only seen one bit ot it. I designed them all at 8.5 x 11 for muggle printers.
Update: Added Luna Lovegood's lost poster. If it doesnt work, let me know, cuz for some reason when I click on it, it isnt working...
Two 8.5x11. printed after I had cropped two images of the paper. I am going try and attach more pages to make it fuller.

I added the Kwikspell stuff! Tomorrow I'll be adding all of Bruce's stuff to this thread, but I spent a lot of time today chasing a mouse. Freals.

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