Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak (Post-release)

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Saw it today. Visually it was just stunning, as you would expect one of Guillermo's films to be. I know some of the images I saw will definitely haunt me for a while. Overall, though I thought the movie was just so-so.
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I saw it last night and really liked it. Crimson Peak feels like a love letter to the film adaptions of Poe from the 60s, so for me, that's a plus. I won't lie, I have a few nit-picks with small parts, but on the whole the film is totally worth seeing.
Re: Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak

I just saw this today, and enjoyed it as well.

Noticed in the end credits GdT managed to shoehorn Doug Jones in there ;)

A little Googling reveals that the Sharpe family motto comes from Psalm 121.

Apparently we were the only people on Earth who saw Crimson Peak...

Did GdT drop any Lovecraftian in-jokes in there? I recall him dropping a few in Hellboy 2.

I thought Sharpe's title, Baronet, might be a reference to Arthur Jermyn, as that's the only other place I've heard that title before, though I admit I don't read a lot of Gothic fiction.

Well add me to the list of people who have seen this.

I can not say I like the movie at all. The only parts I cared for was set design and how the ghosts looked. Other than those two things I thought it was horrible. Not much of a ghost horror movie as it was set to be made out to be. Biggest question of all...what was the point of mom's ghost? Really now, you just scare me to warm be about Crimson peak!? Can you see 12 years into the future? Got some lotto numbers mom? How about don't do this or stay away from blank?... Winner of the mother of the year award right there in 1897 NYC.

Studios wont help fund hellboy 3, yet they allow him to poop out this and 3 terrible hobbit movies, not to meantion a really bad rip off Neo Genesis called pacific rim. Get your crap together Holmes and make something good again.
I also just saw this the other day and I just don't know what to make of it. I honestly would have to convince myself to love it because it's such a mixture of themes you are bound to find something cool. But as an overall film it's a bit of a mess. Is it a horror movie...or a love story? Both? Well I know it's trying to be but its not really. Like Monkey67 I thought the ghost parts seemed forced into certain scenes that added a cool visual but then what? Unfortunately Del Toro seems to be captivated by design and visuals that overpower and distract in this case from a strong cohesive storyline. And yes I'm a big fan of his and was hoping to love this film.
Overall, I liked the film, albeit I found it long/slow in a few spots. But it is a very old-school Gothic horror story and romances often are incorporated into those stories, so this wasn't out of line, although it's not everyone's cup. The film looks great and the acting was quite good, but, yeah, not all of it works. Still, I found it enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone curious.
I watched it when it was released on Blu-Ray because a friend said it was her favorite film in the world. I watch it and I go "Cripes! Why isn't this Amnesia: The Dark Descent: The Movie?!"

I went through the film twice to find out all the similarities.
  • Mansion is in a state of decay with HUGE holes in the ceiling? √
  • A red substance is oozing from the floor and walls? √
  • Super natural occurrences? √
  • Phonographs that depict events from the victim's perspective? √
  • The owners of the mansion lure people into in in order to murder them? √

Cripes. Now I'm really bummed out that this wasn't an Amnesia movie!
I rented it and watched it last weekend. It was "interesting", but not the horror movie I thought it would be. More of a murder mystery with ghosts. I half expected the little dog to say "Ruh roh, Redith! Rhosts!!" to Edith at some point.
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