Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Red Jacket Replication Discussion

It has a black belt also. Stock to jacket or added? It has a loop on the jacket holding it.

Pocket on right arm but none on the left arm (could have been removed from the left)

Also could be only 4 pockets on the front not 6. Deeper top ones. Maybe?

Found this image that was a lot clearer to see.

View attachment 1760469
There is definitely the fifth pocket on the left with the light array. It is part of the base coat with a clear window.

The belt looks like a "military styled" quick release belt you can get on Amazon in black.
Find it funny I can't help add my own flair and custom details to my own packs.

Recently added wasp stripes to one side of my own packs bumper.

So so close!

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I wonder if the patches are not sew on but printed? Or they must have a cut out to allow the color of the jacket to come through around the black.
Amazon - Canada Weather Gear

As a less expensive alternative, I've seen some people looking at this one from Canada Weather Gear. I just received it and it ticks most of the boxes. However, it's not a bright vibrant red, but more of a wine / burgundy. That may be ok for some and kill it for others. I'm honestly on the fence.
Both are 3D Printed. Grip is based on a heavily modified AK-47 grip by FAB Defense.
The other part reminds me of the old side pipe heat shields from the 1970's


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