Done / Completed 'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire' VR/Drone Ecto Goggles, Production Used molds

Rhett J Martin

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Hello again everyone!

As we all know, I was fortunate enough to participate in the prop making process for ‘Ghostbusters:Frozen Empire’ and am offering up the 2ND VERSION of Ecto Goggles seen in the film, the drone/vr goggles. Here’s a brief story on that: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Ecto Goggles PRODUCTION MADE

So we’re offering up replicas cast from my production molds, and we're using the correct parts to further augment the replica, and once the molds are toast (almost there), we’ll move onto a replica styled after our current GB1’s. So don’t feel pressured to miss out. These just have some extra provenance.

Here’s the features:

Mask/NVG Frames
molded and cast from a correct AN/PVS-5B frame, in OD green, with DOT snaps in gov’t black
-cast from real parts battery case and cap, pull on/off switch and knob
-matching dings and scratches (bridge of the nose is the biggie)
-foil decals
-dry transfer decals and stamps
-interior face plate matches other goggles in universe for continuity, with clear acrylic lenses
-mil-spec screws and button head bolt construction
-thick EVA padding for comfort
-optional eva foam rings for eye pieces
-screen accurate LED cover
-screen accurate antenna
-screen accurate VGA plug

Head Strap
-Rubber, mil-spec straps, leather, and gov’t black snaps
-Heavy duty sewing, stamping, and mil-spec adjusters complete the replica

Lenses and knobs
-custom designed lenses to match the Afterlife Polaroid goggles
- cast in black and aluminum colors
-metal thumbscrews
-solid screw mounting to goggle frame
-foil decals
-clear acrylic lenses
-knobs cast from same type used in past Ecto Goggles varients

Price is $290.00 USD with shipping anywhere included, this matches pricing current goggle replicas, no need to price them high. Just want everyone to have an oppurtunity and give back a bit :)

While we're more efficent than ever, we should let you know out replica headstraps must pass through three different teams of makers, so delays will be very possible. We'll update often.

Paypal Link

Follow on Instagram @rjmartin1701 or on TikTok @rhett1701 for updates and more! Lots of cool stuff coming.

1. Luke Swagger ...SHIPPED
2. Markpoon...SHIPPED

FE VR Goggles Bottom.jpgFE VR Goggles Cap.jpgFE VR Goggles Rear.jpgFE VR Goggles Side L.jpgFE VR Goggles Side R.jpg
FE VR Goggles Bottom.jpg
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Thanks fellas! I made a small error when unlisted this, using the other thread as a template…I used the orginal price point of $320… these should be $290 shipped… sorry bout that… I’ll refund a little bit to each of you and have changed the price in the PayPal listing as well. Sorry!

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