Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Jacket


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Imagine - having a light speed jacket you always wanted as a kid, exactly the same as you remember it. Now picture it with real world functionality and modern tech upgrades you deserve as an adult. Introducing the all new Rescue Series jacket! We have brought all that to life plus more, built from the ground up with total accuracy while keeping superior quality in mind. We have created a completely functional daily tactical ultility jacket with the new Rescue Series Collection.

Equipped with all-weather Waterproof breathable premium fabrics. Upgraded with eye-catching charcoal gray 3M reflective material for high-visibility day or night. The outer shell boasts an accurate, custom formulated, brilliant shade of rescue orange with stunning black side panel accents. Keep all of your accessories safe in the abundant, 16 fully functional zipper and snap storage pockets. Includes two interior pockets for quick access to phone and personal items. Five D-rings with accurate accessory clips to attach all gear as needed. Drawstring hem with adjustable transformation belt. Extendable zip forearm openings with velcro cuff closures for the perfect fit with any wrist device.

The Rescue Series features our all new interchangeable military-style patch system. This allows the wearer to easily transform a single jacket into any color hero desired - within seconds! Our patches are extremely accurate, highly detailed and 100% embroidered. Each coat will include one set of selected color patches, consisting of the left shoulder, right shoulder and chest elements.

eZy Watermark_27-06-2023_12-59-54-6160AM.jpeg
eZy Watermark_27-06-2023_12-21-37-9600AM.jpeg
eZy Watermark_02-11-2023_04-36-58-6830PM.jpeg
eZy Watermark_27-08-2023_04-21-12-0840PM.jpeg
eZy Watermark_02-11-2023_04-37-54-3070PM.jpeg
eZy Watermark_27-08-2023_04-24-11-6960PM.jpeg
eZy Watermark_02-11-2023_04-34-49-5880PM.jpeg
eZy Watermark_27-08-2023_04-22-40-3020PM.jpeg
eZy Watermark_07-07-2023_06-32-50-4830PM.jpeg

Additional color patches are available separately in sets of (3). Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Titanium, & Yellow.

Collect them all for six totally different cosplays!

Available in sizes from XS-6XL. The unisex design features an iconic oversized look, all while staying within regular US sizing. No need to size up or down as our jackets fit true to size.

  • XS - 6XL
  • Waterproof
  • Premium Fabrics
  • Interchangeable Patches
  • 16 Pockets
  • Embroidered
  • 3M Reflective
  • D-Rings
  • Accessory Clips (2)
  • Interior Pockets
  • Snap Closures
  • Zipper Pull Tabs
  • Adjustable Belt
  • Unisex Design
  • Full Black Satin Liner
  • YKK Zippers
  • Drawstring Hem
  • Accurate Detailing
  • Velcro Cuffs
  • Extendable Zip Forearms
*Protoype images shown, final product may differ.

Outer: Nylon Shell
Inner: Satin Liner

Spot Clean
Dry Clean Only

Model is 5'9" (175cm) / 190lbs wearing size L


CHEST: XS=44 / S=45 / M=46 / L=48 / XL=50 / 2XL=52 / 3XL=54 / 4XL=56 / 5XL=58.5 / 6XL=61

SHOULDER: XS=19/ S=19.5 / M=20.5 / L=21 / XL=22 / 2XL=23 / 3XL=23.5 / 4XL=24.5 / 5XL=25 / 6XL=26

SLEEVE LENGTH: XS=22 / S=23 / M=23.5 / L=24 / XL=25 / 2XL=25.5 / 3XL=26 / 4XL=26.5 / 5XL=27 / 6XL=27.5

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