Dune 2021 Shield Generator - group project?


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Yeah, it’s thingiverse. I’m getting the same trying to download lots of stuff. The individual files links seem to still work though.
I can put everything in a zip file and upload it if you want to make it easier ?
Or just grab them from Prusa prints.


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First resin print of neophyl ’s excellent model!



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I wonder would it be possible build this fully out of metal? I would love to purchase a metal replica if there was ever a limited edition run.


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great work on the modelling, i know this probably isnt the ideal set up you would want but if you want to keep the thickness true to the prop, how about housing just the board (similar size to a lightsabers pico crumble i would imagine) and then have wires run to a battery pack up your arm housed on a band like the iPod things for runner's? assuming you would wear it with costume anyway it would be hidden, and the accelerometer would still function as it is in the right place?
or you could potentially sew 2 pieces of the elastic together and make a sleeve for coin cells or some kind of small battery pack like out of those tiny Bluetooth speakers like the one punished props used in his pipboy?
I had that exact same idea as I read through the thread, and truly nothing says wasn't exactly what was done with the movie props... would make sense given it appears all the costumes are long sleeved.
And to heap on the accolades, ***very nice*** work!
Cheers! Robert


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Does anyone have any ideas on the rivets used on the screen used prop? They lay flush, and I'm not familiar with any that would do that.


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I personally believe they used quick rivets normally used for leather. The bottoms are flat like the ones adamszki linked to. They normally come with a button head for the other end which in this case faces inward towards the wrist. That's how I assembled mine. I should have hammered them a bit more when setting them which would have flattened the bottom more but the ones I had in my leather supplies weren't quite long enough to do that without damaging the surround.

The large version of these Rapid Rivets - 100 PackAntique Nickel Plate / Medium for example.

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