dune 2021

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  1. zenix

    zenix's Dune 2021 ring build and research thread

    A lot of interesting research went into this ring's recreation and I wanted to put it in a more cohesive format and permanent place than sprinkled through the interest thread. These four images are the best reference we have. Two are from the film, one is the art and soul of dune art book, and...
  2. NuadaDesigns

    DUNE 2021- Holtzman Shield

    Test fitting for an unpainted replica of the Holtzman shield from Denis Villeneuve's DUNE
  3. CrossfireProps

    Unlimited Run Dune Personal Shield Generators

    Hey all! Continuing with my Dune obsession I'll soon be offering kits of the Personal Shield Generators. Below are some photos of the 3D model I created with one of my 3D Artists. These kits will be 3D Printed in resin, this way parts can be mostly separated by color for easy paint. It will...
  4. Mister Chef

    Dune working uniform (2021)

    Does anyone know where templates for the atreides working uniform can be found or where I can acquire a uniform used in the movie?
  5. masterjedi322

    Dune 2021 Shield Generator - group project?

    (Did a search but didn’t find anything) With all the love for the new Dune movie, I’d really love a replica of the personal shield generator! I’m just dabbling with 3D modeling, but I think I can take a crack at it! Was also thinking of adding some basic electronics like LEDs and some sound...
  6. CrossfireProps

    Limited Run Atreides Dress Uniform Collar Pins (Dune 2021)

    Hey all! Wanted to share an upcoming run of the Atreides Dress Uniform Collar Pins I now have in production. This will be a limited run of 100 pairs (left and right) and should be available mid December 2021. Price will be $20-25 per pair with free US shipping. Pins will feature dual plating...
  7. RunLoganRun

    Dune/Atreides armour (my halloween costume/wip)

    I don't usually post my work, but this seemed relevant enough. It started as a half-assed halloween costume, but I think it's worth finishing. 98% eva foam, 1.9% dog harness, and 0.1% ice-pop sticks. This is all I'd actually built for halloween, wore it with a cape to hide the missing back...
  8. CrossfireProps

    Dune Cysknife Resin Casts

    Hey all! Just wanted to quickly share some Crysknife replica kits I'm working on. The master is currently being prepped for molding and should undergo silicone this week. The master was 3D printed in super detailed resin using a 3D Model from Gizmodels, used with their permission. The final...
  9. Jediguy

    Dune 2020 Crysknife and sheath set. V2.0 UPDATED MODEL .

    So here's a replica of the Crysknife from Dune 2021. 3D SLA printed in resin by Corellia Creations. Knife and sheath set. The prints will be made to order. They normally take 5 days for production lead time upon order confirmation. We printed it in tougher resin which has a greenish tinge. We...

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