1. dallinkjones

    Dune Box of Pain Replica

    I recently invested in a 3D printer and this was my first print of my own model. I’ve had a hankering for a while to make my own box of pain and haven’t seen any that look as close to the real version as I would like. So I spent some time modeling it, printing, and painting. I ended up adding...
  2. Cameron1138

    Dune 2021 Atreides dress uniform + trench coat [pic heavy]

    I'm planning to start work on making Paul's Caladan outfit soon, and I figured I'd start a thread here to gather all the info I've been able to find so far and see if anyone has anything I haven't managed to find. I'm a little surprised there hasn't been more activity surrounding these uniforms...
  3. Jediguy

    Dune 2021 House Atreides Duke Signet Ring

    Hi all, Duke Leto signet rings are available. Made from metal alloy and in size 11. Electroplated gold and then hand-painted black. Rings are ready to ship. Kindly contact if interested. $30 usd each shipped worldwide via registered post.
  4. Kobeque

    Dune 2021 Sardaukar helmet and costume

    Hey, just starting up a thread on the Sardaukar costume from the new Dune film, I couldn't find one but please let me know if I missed it. I really like the design and silhouette of these suits and especially the helmets, although they can look a bit bulky in some shots. The suits were designed...
  5. CrossfireProps

    Unlimited Run Dune Personal Shield/Holtzman Generators

    UPDATE: These are now available! They're be available as two options, a finished replica and as a kit. The finished replica is, well, exactly that. A fully finished prop replica ready for display. The kit is the DIY version and includes raw resin 3D Prints, elastic, hardware, and masking...
  6. masterjedi322

    Dune 2021 Shield Generator - group project?

    (Did a search but didn’t find anything) With all the love for the new Dune movie, I’d really love a replica of the personal shield generator! I’m just dabbling with 3D modeling, but I think I can take a crack at it! Was also thinking of adding some basic electronics like LEDs and some sound...
  7. CrossfireProps

    Limited Run Atreides Dress Uniform Collar Pins (Dune 2021)

    Hey all! Wanted to share an upcoming run of the Atreides Dress Uniform Collar Pins I now have in production. This will be a limited run of 100 pairs (left and right) and should be available mid December 2021. Price will be $20-25 per pair with free US shipping. Pins will feature dual plating...
  8. jusdrewit

    Dune ornithopter model questions

    I am chomping at the bit to get one of Denis V's take on the Dune ornithopter as a model, does anyone know if there will be a licensed model upcoming? I saw a 3d printed one on Etsy that seemed to get the basic shape down, but the pics shown had lots of print marks and I'd definitely have to...
  9. CrossfireProps

    Dune Cysknife Resin Casts

    Hey all! Just wanted to quickly share some Crysknife replica kits I'm working on. The master is currently being prepped for molding and should undergo silicone this week. The master was 3D printed in super detailed resin using a 3D Model from Gizmodels, used with their permission. The final...
  10. zenix

    Limited Run Dune 2021 Duke Leto Atreides ring

    Order link https://custom3dstuff.com/products/dune-2021-duke-ring-replica Gold plated cast stainless steel, green gems on sides, black patina. Photo is of the prototype ring. Final ring will differ in finish appearance, more closely matching art book/screen used prop in regards to the black...
  11. DaBuild

    DUNE: Machining the hunter Seeker

    Hello fellow makers! To pay homage to Denis Villeneuves' new movie DUNE, my latest build from the 1984's version: The Hunter Seeker. Fully machined on the lathe and the Milling. I just cant wait to be in the theatre friday night to watch it. It will be epic! Cheers! Dan
  12. DaBuild

    Nice Prop references from DUNE

    Hello Fellow makers! A good friend of mine recently visited an exhibition for DUNE and took nice pictures of some props. It could be useful for some of you right? You're welcome! Dan Dan
  13. XavNZ92

    DUNE stillsuit FREE files for laser cutting

    So after weeks of finding reference and actually getting some insider information I managed to figure out and "reverse engineer" the DUNE (2021) still suit (padded parts). A good friend Jorge Zepeda (you are AMAZING) then drew these up for laser cutting and I am happy to share these with the...
  14. Kobeque

    DUNE 2021 Crysknife

    Just came across these super high res shots of the new Crysknife replica from United Cutlery, and knew I had to take a shot at this prop before the film comes out. I'm planning to make the blade and handle from acrylic, I'm not too sure about the inscription though I might have to figure out a...
  15. Isaac Buckley

    Dune Guild Tug Model (Chris Foss concept)

    Hello RPF! I'm about to begin the modelmaking phase on a Guild Tug concept by Chriss Foss. I've been intoxicated by this fantastic ship since I first saw it in Jodorowsky's Dune. I figured it would be a nightmare to try and build in the real world, hence I've put it off for years! Finally...
  16. C

    DUNE 2021 Stillsuit Components

    Looking for shoes that may have been used as the base for the stillsuit costumes in Dune (2021), or a similar model.
  17. DylanRose

    Book prop - Moonrise Kingdom: The girl from Jupiter

    While life and work rarely allow the time and effort involved with prop-making and personal projects, the RPF Secret Santa is one time of year I make sure to carve out sufficient time for a gift. This year my contribution was a replica from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom: Susie Bishop's copy...
  18. scifimodels

    Dune Spice Harvester kit 1/200 (around 16")

    Hello, this is my new kit! DUNE SPICE HARVESTER The scale is 1/200 (around 40 cm /16" length). All parts are high quality industrial sla prints without supports, sanded, polished and the larger parts with primer (exactly like you can see it on the pictures). 75 parts, easy to assemble...
  19. S

    3D-Printed Crysknife from David Lynch's Dune.

    Greetings programs! I am a longtime lurker and occasional poster who is now jumping into the fray to share my latest project. A crysknife inspired by the David Lynch version of Dune. It's not especially screen-accurate. I took some liberties with the shape, giving it a slight bend at the...
  20. PartyRichter

    Want to Buy Dune Crysknife (movie version)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I once bought a lovely resin kit, but gave it to a friend. It had a great organic feel and slightly elongated markings around the hilt (I've seen ones with round holes on the hilt but that doesn't look as good IMO). Thanks!
  21. Matt009

    Want to Buy Rylo Dune Hunter Seeker and Rylo Spider-Man Webshooters

    I am looking for the Dune Hunter Seeker from David Lynch's Dune and the Spider-Man webshooter from the 70's live action version that Rylo made some years ago. I really dig Rylo's work and would be very happy to purchase them! Please PM me if you have one or both and are interested in selling...
  22. 13doctorwho

    Crysknife Of Selim Wormrider

    A Crysknife is a Freman knife made from a sand worms tooth in the Dune series of books. In the Butlerian Jihad Dune books we learn that the first Crysknife belong to an outlaw named Selim Wormrider. He was the first to ride a sandworm, the first to use a worms tooth as a knife, and the founder...
  23. Rebelproof

    Projects DUNE (David Lynch)

    Hello. Since I am a huge fan of Dune and specially the David Lynch movie, I started some projects within this epic universe... obviously here are some Dune fans -which is wonderful - so I hope we can discuss costumes and share infos. -Guild Navigator: I went for the guy with the cable up his...
  24. C

    1:200 scale Atreides frigate from Dune WIP

    So I sort of got a scratch building itch the other day while I was watching David Lynch's Dune in HD for the first time... :) This is my first scratch build. I've been at it for a few weeks and I think it's going pretty well. I chose 200 as a scale, because I wanted a large model so that I could...
  25. 13doctorwho

    God Emperor Of Dune Maquette

    This is a sculpture of the half human half sandworm Leto Atredes II from the book God Emperor Of Dune. He is roughly described, but it left a lot of room for interpretation. He specifically gives his dimensions (very helpful to a modeller) as 7 meters long and 2 meters tall at his highest point...