Does a decent Enterprise E model exist in the world?

Black Rain

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I've seen a small plasticky one and a larger plasticky one, with stuck on paper decals. Does anyone know if a really decent model has / is being produced by anyone?

Any tips or pointers would be most gratefully received. Thanks!


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Don't forget that Polar Lights is comming out with a 1/350 scale re-fit Enterprise,and the extremely large&AWSOME North Star Models (AKA) Deboer Hulls 46" 1/250 scale re-fit Enterprise.A spectacular kit if you cant afford the $1645.00 for it.


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I've seen this one up close and it's nice, but the castings vary. they're "hollow" hand. My friend bought one and it's almost solid on one side, but it's paper thin on the other. Also, the detail wasn't that impressive. The Bandai trek kits are extremely well done though. Even if you decide to paint over the pre painted kit, it comes with all the lighting, etc and it's engineered to fit together nicely. Bandai has a pretty good track record for good part fit. Their Master Grade and Perfect Grade Gundam kits are engineering marvels. There's always a seam or two to sand, but for the most part they manage to make all the breaks in areas that are natural seams or where they are covered by another part so the seam is never seen in the finished kit.


bwize wrote:
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besides the ertl and bandi, a co. called alliance makes a really nice resin 1/1400 scale kit that can be purchased through and a review can be seen here:

it looks to be the best of the three.

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If you're into resin models...If you go to and then Model Kits and Alliance Models they sell an very accurate Enterprise-E kit. It is in resin like I stated. I do want to get me one sometime. The kit is back in stock...if you wanna e-mail the owner of Federation Models it's They may take a day or so to respond but Tracy (ownwer of FM) is a very good person and he never stiffs anyone.


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Well I don't consider it indecent, but the ERTL AMT I built turned out pretty nice, and that was before I knew anything about filling gaps and any intermediate model-making:

Ignore the broken nacelle, that was me :$

The only flaw I found in the whole works was the paint scheme, just one thing; They wanted me to paint the deflector dish all blue(.......) Had they SEEN this movie? But I rebelled:)

Did this back in '97, and it's nicer to look at than the toy :confused


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I'd have to agree with most of what's been said. Rel makes the best Ent-E around but it's pricey (as it should be). Between the Alliance kit and the Ertl kit, the Alliance wins overall but there are some problems. The windows along the top of the saucer are awful, at least on mine. The pylons were also too thin and weak to hold the nacelles up properly. Mine was an early generation kit so I'm not sure if those issues have been addressed at all on future castings. Overall though it's a great kit and is a lot more detailed in areas the Ertl kit is lacking.
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