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Hey everyone,

I've recently started work on a custom batsuit, and through research and endless Google searches for information/reference pics I came across the RPF.

Now I've joined, and I've started work on my costume so I figured I should start a thread for my very first WIP!

Firstly, I want to say that this batsuit is sort of an amalgamation of several different batsuit designs. Most Batman fans will probably recognise where the different design elements come from, but I thought I'd write them down anyway:

The cowl and neck are from TDK, I ordered them quite a while ago from iconic-collectibles on eBay. I'll be building my own from scratch eventually, but that's a while off.
The upper chest design (pecs) comes from Batman Begins, but significantly modified by me mostly just to fit me, but also because I wanted a more unique look.
The Bat Symbol on the chest is a more generic symbol, fairly reminiscent of the Jim Lee Hush style, but I'm not too sure exactly which design it is to be honest :\
The abs come from Arkham Origins, as do the biceps and shoulders, although I've modified the shoulders to look a bit more angular.
The belt is a generic ish fabric military style belt, again fairly similar to Jim Lee's style but not quite. This is another part that I'm going to scratch build eventually.
The gauntlets started off as Batman Begins templates and I ended up only keeping the fins and the general shape, and the rest of it is completely drawn from scratch by me.
The boots are generic, called "Gotham hero boots" or some such and were bought from eBay.
I've got a grey set of coveralls from an Australian company called Hard Yakka. They are thick and heavyweight and I think they look great.
The cape is another generic eBay affair.
So, I've made some progress so far. I'm building the armour out of thermoplastic by the way, I'm not sure how common or accepted that is as most people on this site seem to prefer foam or 3D printing. But anyway... So far for the bulk of it I've only got templates as it's taken me a while to design and trim them and it took me a long time to actually find some base templates for the stuff I'm not doing by hand. I've just finished the right gauntlet though, and I'm very happy with how it's turned out:

Gauntlet painted.JPG

Here is my plan for the chest:

Templates - Front Assembled.JPG

Templates - Chest unassembled.JPG

In the top picture on the right you can see the shoulder template and the biceps template.

I haven't taken any photos of the rest of the stuff (the stuff I just bought) as I didn't think it would be very interesting because there's no progress to be made with them, but now that I've thought about it I think I might take some photos when I get back from the Christmas holidays just so you guys can see what I'm aiming for.

So that's basically it for now, I'll update again just after New Year's as I'm not going to be home until then.Thanks for checking this out guys, I hope you like what I've done so far (even though there's barely any progress so far haha)
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Always nice to see other people using thermoplastics, they're so under rated for armor builds. What exactly are you using? Looks great so far btw, keep it up.
Haha yeah I agree, it's so overrated that I haven't seen anyone using it at all :/

I'm using Wonderflex, it's apparently not quite as versatile as worbla but I'm enjoying working with it so far.

Thanks Armatus, that means a lot, I'm following your work on the combat ready Batsuit and it's looking amazing!
You're off to a really great start!

I have to say I love this because I like seeing people make these costumes their own. With characters that have so many different versions, it's cool when people take the bits they like from some and others and build their perfect suit. You don't need to pigeonhole yourself - make it personal and unique and be the Bat you want to be!

Looking forward to more. Cheers!
You're off to a really great start!

I have to say I love this because I like seeing people make these costumes their own. With characters that have so many different versions, it's cool when people take the bits they like from some and others and build their perfect suit. You don't need to pigeonhole yourself - make it personal and unique and be the Bat you want to be!

Looking forward to more. Cheers!
Thanks heaps!

Yeah I've always wanted to be able to make a unique suit, and I figure Batman is one of the best characters to do that with, like you said he's already had so many different versions of the batsuit, it changes with every artist and I love being able to pick and choose (not to mention batman is my favourite character of all time haha).

It's amazing to get this kind of support, I'm amazed at the reaction I've already gotten from everyone on this forum, even though I'm still only up to templates!

I'm actually getting kind of frustrated because I'm really inspired and motivated to keep working and I've got a lot of ideas I'd love to implement for this build but I'm travelling for the Christmas holidays and I can't do anything till I get back!

But you guys are amazing and I can't wait to show you more of the progress I make as soon as I get back, thanks again everyone!
Hey guys!

Thanks again for your support, I just got back yesterday from my holiday. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas break! I've taken a few more photos of the gear I already owned and I've done a little bit of work with the armour pieces, so here goes:

Full Outfit.JPG

That's the bulk of the outfit I bought. The photo doesn't really show the texture or proper colour of the grey undersuit to be honest, I'll have to take a close up shot this afternoon. It looks great I think. The cape is large but not quite big enough to wrap around my body so it'll have to be more of a Nolan TDK style where it attaches further back at the shoulders. I've got a plan for this already, I'll go into more details once I've got something to show you guys, but it's gonna use magnets and small, custom made cape clips with small slits in the top of the chest armour. Not sure how much sense that makes but once I've made it that far I'll post pictures and you'll see what I mean.

Here are the ab pieces:


I haven't shaped them to my body just yet, but the size and look of them turned out really well I reckon, they're about 3 - 4 mm thick, so not as thick as the actual armour but they're quite sturdy and they take paint well, so I think they'll look amazing once I've finished them and attached them properly.

I've also done the same amount of progress with the bicep/tricep armour but I only finished it this morning before rushing to work so I didn't get a photo (I'm posting this from work btw).

This is a closer shot of the cowl I've got:

Cowl 01.JPGCowl 02.JPG

It looks great, and it came with a decent looking neck piece too, but I'm thinking of selling it since I've just ordered Coofunkurly's Origins V2 cowl and I'm seriously considering ordering TheRocketeer's Frank Miller cowl as it looks crazy awesome. 3 cowls is probably too many haha, so that's my plan for the cowl/s.

So, my next step is I'm going to build a duct tape dummy so that I'm better able to fit armour to myself and measure things and all that jazz. Then I'm going to start work on the chest armour.

My biggest priority is customizability. I'm going to have 2 or more different styles of each component of the costume, for example 2 cowls, 2 belts, 2 sets of gauntlets, etc.

With this in mind, my plan for the chest armour is that I'm going to leave it without a bat symbol and instead install some strong small magnets in strategic positions. The reason for this is so that I can have several different interchangeable bat symbols on the same set of armour. The one I've got the templates for now is the Arkham City symbol. I've got the paper template for the Hush symbol somewhere, I just need to dig it up, and then I've found a couple of pictures of other symbols and I'll look through them and decide from there which ones I like enough to put on the suit.

I know this sounds ambitious, especially for my first build, but what's the point of building a batsuit if you don't go all out, right? Plus as Bruce Wayne has a bunch of different batsuits for different situations, I love the idea of having a couple of different versions that I can swap around so that I've got a lot of different options for the look of the suit.

So, for the moment, the different components I have planned are:

*Mix of Arkham Origins, Nolan armour, and custom (in progress)
*Injustice style or similar high tech looking armour (planned, won't be made till after the current suit)

*TDK Cowl (own now, planning to sell)
*Arkham Origins V2 from Coofunkurly (ordered and paid for)
*Frank Miller TDKR cowl (will hopefully order soon)

*Tan/yellowish fabric military style (own now)
*Grey Arkham Origins belt (ordered and paid for)
*Custom grey belt (I'm going to build this one once markpoon starts building/shipping jawafive's Arkham gadgets, as it's going to be built with a custom holster for each gadget)

*Custom made (already built, picture in first post)
*Arkham Origins style (ordered and paid for)

Chest Symbols:
*Arkham City (templates done, just need to finish building)
*Jim Lee Hush (templates are lying around somewhere, will start soon)
*Frank Miller TDKR style (planned)
*Other custom styles (planned)

*Grey (own now)
*Black (own now)

*Scalloped, narrow style (own now)
*Wide, more straight version (planned)

Wow, that's a lot. I didn't realise until I'd written it all down haha, this is gonna take a while I think. The boots and gloves are generic black and I like the look of them, so I think I'll stick with those unless something amazing comes along in the meantime.

So, that's it for now, I just had to get a plan written down since I've been thinking obsessively about it for the last week or so haha.

Let me know what you think...

Thanks for checking this thread out everyone, it means a lot to me!
Hey man looks awesome.I myself want to do a foam build and want to know where you got those templates from? Thanks man and good luck!!

Thanks! I got the templates from a few different places and some of them were either altered or completely made up by myself. To be honest it's been a bit of mess and I can't remember exactly where I got everything... I know I got the Arkham Origins bits from someone on here who's making a suit, I honestly can't remember who and I can't find the thread at the moment but they're definitely on here.

The best I could do is dig up the files I've got and post them on here if you'd like, although I feel a bit weird doing that since I didn't actually create them and I don't know who to give credit to :\

The chest piece is significantly altered, the gauntlets have been changed so much that they're basically hand drawn by me, and the back/ribs/side bits of the armour will be completely hand drawn as well, though at the moment I've only got vague plans (hence the lack of progress in those areas).

I know I'm not super helpful, but I'm sure if you dig around a bit like I did you'll find some. :)
I'm not sure about foam, but there are a few different ways to mount armour, it really depends on how sturdy you want it and what you have available. I'm gonna be using fabric snaps to mount the mid section pieces to a piece of fabric and wrap that around my undersuit. The chest armour will be a slip-on shell, so I won't need any closure device for that. I'm going to secure the mid section fabric with either velcro or snaps at the back, and it'll be secured to the underside of the chest piece with some velcro to stop it slipping out of line.

I'm probably not the best person to ask though, as this is my first build too, and also I'm using a completely different material to you so what works for me might not work for you :\

Hey Thanks bro!!! Now to Terry my first attempt at foam craft one really ever starts what they use as a base line though to mount the foam armor to?
Any updates on this project?
Haha I love your enthusiasm!

Yeah I'm going to do a lot of work today, I've been missing around a couple days trying to build a duct tape dummy, it hasn't gone too well but I finally managed to get a torso put together.

So using that I'll be able to shape and fit the armour properly.

I should get a bunch done by the end of today, so I'll update you really soon!

Oh, and here's the torso dummy:


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