batman begins

  1. C

    Becoming the Dark Knight

    Currently in the process of my first attempt making anything at all and hoping to be the Dark Knight in time for Halloween. Here’s my costume so far! Would love to hear any feedback.
  2. TheRealTalon

    Batman begins utility belt

    Ive been looking for a screen accurate batman begins belt, probably resin or urethane. I don't have much money so I'm only looking to spend about 100$ but I would also consider buying moods or casts to make my own. I don't need any of the accessories just the belt.
  3. The D

    Want to Buy League of Shadows armor/suit

    I’m looking for someone interested in selling their League of Shadows suit of armor. Main interest is the suit and mask since I already have guants. I prefer a replica to screen used but would all will be considered for purchase as well. Im here if your interested! Be well. -Drew
  4. Crimson Hood

    Red Hood "Outlaw" Inspired Suit (Picture Heavy)

    I've always been a bit of a Red Hood fanboy, and I never had really picked up too many of his comics until I saw the new revamp. DC is bringing Red Hood to almost be the Punisher of the DC universe, and the suit matches it. If you haven't seen the suit before here's what it looks like. As soon...
  5. CaptainCoot

    Batman Begins Armor

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post even though I joined back in 2016. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get my hands on a Batman Begins Chest piece, gauntlets and leg armor, plus cowl. I know Iconic FX makes the chest and cowl, but He says he's not doing the chest anymore. the only...
  6. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Commissioner Gordon Glasses (Nolan Batman)

    Who would be interested in a pair of Gary Oldman/Jim Gordon glasses? Price would likely be around $75 with clear demo lenses which could be replaced by any optometrist with your prescription lenses. If there is enough interest, we'll do the run. Kind regards, Magnoli...
  7. PhilBegins

    ADVICE- Batman begins cowl / trying to sculpt a replicate

    Hi I am new to sculpting and I am currently in the middle of trying to sculpt a replica cowl of batman begins. This is my first time sculpt and I still havent had the chance to work with any proper clay sculpting tools as I waiting for them to come in the mail. I would love some feedback on my...
  8. bradtdkrises

    Batman plasti-dip

    I have a latex Batman cowl that has old plasti-dip thats cracking and peeling around the chin/neck areas (stress point) My question is...whats the best way of removing plasti-dip from a latex mask? I cant peel it with my fingers..this stuff is on any help/suggestions would be great...
  9. R

    The Iron-Bat

    I am in the middle of a project I like to call Iron-Bat. Basically I am posting on here as i am looking for a number of things. This started out as a little something to do in my spare time for myself.. but now im am getting a little carried away with myself and want to make multiple casts of...
  10. ultron

    Want to Buy UD Replicas TDK/R boots size 11.

    Looking to snag some UD Replicas boots, size 11 with some wiggle room on either side. It's for a Begins suit, but their Begins boots are actually the 89 Keaton boots.
  11. Indy Magnoli

    Batman Sings One Call Away - Parody Video

    We just finished this parody video: You may notice a lot of prop and costume easter eggs. Here's a list of films whose props and costumes appear in this video... see if you guys can spot them all: (Obviously tons of Batman stuff) Ghostbusters Raiders of the Lost Ark Romancing the Stone Star...
  12. silkscreener

    The Dark Knight Rises AMOURY - FREE 3D print models By SilkScreener

    Well back when I was starting in 3D I started on this project with a hope to finally 3D print it one day and I just have never got round to it The goal was to build the CAGE which I also have modeled but it is not pictured and well, I would love to see someone else give this a crack if you can...
  13. S

    Batman Begins Scarecrow

    This will be my first cosplay that I am building...I know that scarecrow from Arkham is more detailed and kick *****, but I want to make it the best and easiest with my limit skills. Best place for screen grabs? Any tips, tricks, things you wish you knew as a n00b?
  14. A

    Building a TDK suit from kit

    Hey there beautiful peeps! Been lurking around the forum for a while now, taking notes and comparing options, and I have finally decided to go ahead with building my very first Batsuit which will be no other than Nolan's TDK! It is my first project and I'm excited about it since I've never had...
  15. A

    Want to Buy TDK Mesh full bodysuit to measurements

    I am wondering if you guys can recommend someone who makes mesh bodysuits specifically intended for TDK armor mounting as I plan to build my suit this way. Thanks Ammar
  16. Z

    Decreased elasticity in Batman cowl inquiry ?

    I purchased a urethane batman begins cowl sometime ago, and initially was able to fit into it, albeit tightly. However, I am no longer able to fit into it, as it feels as if the elasticity of the rubber has been reduced. (Possibly due to weather/humidity?) Does anyone have any ideas on how I...
  17. Simpson77

    My set of custom Batarangs

    Heres a set of batarangs that I had lazer cut from stainless steel, they have a hollow ground non sharp edge (still pointy though) Made the design with a close resemblense to the Batman Begins logo, had holes cut out to reduse weight from the center (and coz it looked kinda cool.) Lemmie know...
  18. A

    Dark knight cowl customization and padding

    Hello beautiful people! I just joined the RPF and i'm very excited to be part of this joyful community! Recently bought a dark knight cowl by IconicCollectibles on eBay, I must say I'm quite happy with the quality of the cowl, but not much about the neck piece though. The cowl fits great over...
  19. rgarvinsound

    SCARECROW Build - Batman Begins/The Dark Knight.

    Hello hello! First post, first costume, first con (DragonCon)! I want to make a costume of Scarecrow (as is seen in Batman Begins/TDK). I'm hoping it'll be a fairly easy costume to pull together and make it look authentic. I’ve done some research, but haven’t figured everything out yet, so I’m...
  20. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run BATMAN Batarang USB - 32gb

    UPDATE: These are now available via our eBay and Etsy stores: ----------------------- Gauging interest for a limited run of Batman style USB sticks... here is the finished...
  21. 1badevo9

    Batman begins suit

    Hey everyone! Decided I'd make my first thread on my build process of my Batman Begins suit. Gearing up for my first con this weekend at Wizard World. The entire suit came from Kevin (coofunkcurly) minus the under suit and UD Replica boots. Amazing quality on the armor pieces. Looks like I...
  22. Billzebub

    Chinese Batman Cosplay suit review

    I recently purchased a vinyl Batman Begins suit from Duokings, which I imagine is pretty similar to the one from CosplaySky, but I can't say 100% that all Chinese sewing shops are the same, so caveat emptor. I was looking for a begins suit that was easy to get in and out of and had better...
  23. D

    Done / Completed Please Delete

    Please Delete
  24. blerner

    Want to Buy Looking for batman costume

    Looking to get a batman begins or dark knight suit either complete or kit version
  25. Athanasius

    Custom Batsuit - first WIP ever

    Hey everyone, I've recently started work on a custom batsuit, and through research and endless Google searches for information/reference pics I came across the RPF. Now I've joined, and I've started work on my costume so I figured I should start a thread for my very first WIP! Firstly, I want...