batman the dark knight

  1. Crimson Hood

    Red Hood "Outlaw" Inspired Suit (Picture Heavy)

    I've always been a bit of a Red Hood fanboy, and I never had really picked up too many of his comics until I saw the new revamp. DC is bringing Red Hood to almost be the Punisher of the DC universe, and the suit matches it. If you haven't seen the suit before here's what it looks like. As soon...
  2. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Commissioner Gordon Glasses (Nolan Batman)

    Who would be interested in a pair of Gary Oldman/Jim Gordon glasses? Price would likely be around $75 with clear demo lenses which could be replaced by any optometrist with your prescription lenses. If there is enough interest, we'll do the run. Kind regards, Magnoli...
  3. J

    Pensacon 2018

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the RPF. I'm a videographer and cosplayer myself. I went to Pensacon 2018 and saw amazing cosplay and it was truly inspirational! My Youtube Channel is dedicated to spreading the love for conventions and cosplaying! Check out my latest Cosplay Showcase and Music...
  4. cbrant

    Batman TDK/TDKR Utility Belt Paint Color HELP

    Can someone please help me determine what paint to use to paint the main gold/brass section of a TDK/TDKR utlity belt? I am not having any luck finding spray paint in a usable color, at least in rustoleum. I'd be more than happy to use a mix if someone could point me in the right direction...
  5. cbrant

    Batman urethane Parts Questions

    1. On urethane parts (ie. Coofunkcurly cowl, Hell's Kitchen armor ) what are these black sticky spots? It seems like a residue, but almost seems like it is coming from the part itself. Is there a way to clean it? 2. Does anyone know of someone that currently makes a Christian Bale face insert...
  6. cbrant

    Current TDK Armor Options as of 10/17?

    Hello all! Trying to help a friend source armor for a possible TDK build and not having a lot of luck. BESIDES Gotham City FX and UD Replicas, are there any other options for TDK armor right now? I can't find Hell's Kitchen/Custom Replicas on Facebook to ask Kris, Applied Sciences doesn't...
  7. bradtdkrises

    Batman plasti-dip

    I have a latex Batman cowl that has old plasti-dip thats cracking and peeling around the chin/neck areas (stress point) My question is...whats the best way of removing plasti-dip from a latex mask? I cant peel it with my fingers..this stuff is on any help/suggestions would be great...
  8. R

    The Iron-Bat

    I am in the middle of a project I like to call Iron-Bat. Basically I am posting on here as i am looking for a number of things. This started out as a little something to do in my spare time for myself.. but now im am getting a little carried away with myself and want to make multiple casts of...
  9. MattgomeryBurns

    Who's tackled the Dark Knight Sticky Bomb?

    I've seen some great builds of the sticky bomb GUN, but never the bomb itself. Curious if anyone has tackled this before?
  10. Z

    Mask making help!

    A long time ago i had and idea of making the clown mask's from The Dark Knight. So i tried making them with a very very low budget and they turned out way too crappy. I wanted something that was smooth and durable. a year or two passed and i saw a game called Payday the heist had come out and i...
  11. Z

    Mask making help!

    A long time ago i had and idea of making the clown mask's from The Dark Knight. So i tried making them with a very very low budget and they turned out way too crappy. I wanted something that was smooth and durable. a year or two passed and i saw a game called Payday the heist had come out and i...
  12. A

    Need help with The joker bank robber mask yellowing problem

    Hi, I'm wondering if I could get your advice on what to use on my joker bank robber mask, I got it back in 2013 from a UK company called Fan Universe Creations (which the business closed in early 2014) And it has gotten some sun damage on top.It's made out of Resin plastic,One of my friends...
  13. leiter22

    Want to Buy Carbon Fiber Parts for Hells Kitchen TDK suit.

    Anyone out there carrying on the Hells Kitchen TDK torch? I have on of his earliest suits and it's in need of some TLC. Specifically, I want a nice full set of carbon fiber parts. my suit also doesn't have cavities for the carbon in the knees or upper arm, so I would need the black "base"...
  14. N

    Batman and Robin Predator Mashups

    Hi everybody. This year for halloween I decided to make Batman and Robin Predators (I need a fancy name like Predabat or Robintor). I have been posting updates on the Predatorium but thought it belongs here as well. I have a bunch of old Dark Knight costume pieces that ended up with...
  15. SuperheroDIY

    Upgraded the gauntlets on my UD Replicas TDK suit

    So -- I've really wanted to upgrade the gauntlets on my UD Replicas TDK suit ever since I got it -- and finally did! Even though the original gauntlets were really good for some leather gauntlets, I always felt they were the weak spot in the whole suit. I of course did always like that they...
  16. ultron

    Want to Buy UD Replicas TDK/R boots size 11.

    Looking to snag some UD Replicas boots, size 11 with some wiggle room on either side. It's for a Begins suit, but their Begins boots are actually the 89 Keaton boots.
  17. D

    A quick Question

    Hey guys My name is Dan and i'm new to the Forum. I'm interested in doing a short film and gathering ideas of what kind of batman costume i would like to have in it. I see that a few people have templates that go on fabric. I was wondering how would I go about getting those patterns printed on...
  18. Burt

    Arkham Knight by Burt

    Hi there! I wanted to start my Arkham Knight Build thread. Goals: I want a more comfortable costume compared to some of my previous costumes, yet also be close to game accurate with some custom variation. I want something I can easily wear to a convention solo, move around, sit, handle my...
  19. E

    Arkham Knight Poison Ivy

    Hello, I am starting work on Poison Ivy from Arkham Knight. I need help with a few things, like how do I go about doing her skin... My ideas / options were as follows: OPTION A) I would airbrush every part of the body that shows and then manually paint the designs on top or airbrush and then...
  20. B

    Want to Buy Heath Ledger Joker 1:1 bust

    I am just getting into making lifelike busts and have been seeing a lot of Heath ledger ones. A few questions I have are, 1. Does anyone know anybody who can make a bust for me, 2. Price range?, 3. Other things regarding busts. Thank you.
  21. H

    Just received my TDK suit!

    Wanted to show off GothamCity Fx's work! This came from the idea of being a Batman that visits the Children's hostpial. Unfortunately, my original suit was 100% latex, and the hospital campus is latex-free. So, I started a GoFundMe campaign and within a month, had the funds to purchase this...
  22. alexworks

    The evolution of my Joker cosplays

    Hey there! My name is Alejandro Fanzago, I'm a cinema and makeup FX artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bat fan. I'm sorry for my english actually my girlfriend is who speaks it very well, but she's not in home at this moment. Anyway I've been doing The Joker since 2010. Heath Ledger blow up my...
  23. K

    BVS Batman Beyond

    Hi everyone I'm creating a new costume build of Batman Beyond. Most of the cosplays and costumes that I’ve seen are either really plain and are just a sub dye suit or are make to have an armored look and are way to bulky. I mostly want to base it off of the BVS universe but I’m also taking in a...
  24. H

    Want to Buy Batman non-latex suit, preferably TDK or Arkham Origins or Arkham Knight

    Greetings: Thank you for welcoming me into this amazing group of talent! First off, I'm sorry this is long, but I'm not sure where to start, so....... last year I bought a DK latex suit with the intentions of A) Being Batman for Halloween forever and B) Becoming a Batman volunteer visitor to...
  25. Indy Magnoli

    Batman Sings One Call Away - Parody Video

    We just finished this parody video: You may notice a lot of prop and costume easter eggs. Here's a list of films whose props and costumes appear in this video... see if you guys can spot them all: (Obviously tons of Batman stuff) Ghostbusters Raiders of the Lost Ark Romancing the Stone Star...