Limited Run Captain Hook Ransom Letter - hand torn, hand calligraphy, hand dyed, fancy paper - Second Run

Hopefully I can get these in the hands of the calligrapher before Aug 18. I'm going on a month trip and would love her to be working on them while I'm gone. All I need to do is stain them and hang them to dry. I've moved into the new place now so I have the space to work on it. Just been super busy
Dyed with turmeric, coffee, and tea! Drying now... PXL_20230814_150729745.jpgPXL_20230814_150727482.jpgPXL_20230814_150718399.jpgPXL_20230814_142719687.jpg
Ok, I have 15 ready to ship, and the rest next month. The calligrapher raised her cost so I have to raise mine. These are $69.99 +shipping, but use code "Robin" for $20 off one, limit one discount code per person and only for the first ten.

hook note.jpg
Mine arrived too! I would have preferred them a bit less "yellow" (and more brownish like in the first picture of the first post), but nice addition to my Hook collection nevertheless.

--- Edit ---

Since the yellow-ish color bothered me, I decided to give my own twist on it. This is the result (Zenix one on the left, mine on the right):


So what did I do?

- Scanned the text of the note, which I think is perfectly done!
- Aged some heavy weight paper (320 grams) with coffee and tea to the degree I liked.
- Printed the text on it.
- Tore the borders of the page (not 100% happy with it, but for a first attempt it's not bad).
- Aged the borders / tear lines again, because they where white again ;-)

- Since I was not happy with the color of the letter "D", I imagined that painting it over with gold paint might look nice, and it did indeed!

So here is a close-up of the result (and the gold "D", although not very clear in the picture):


Off course my copy, although also on heavy paper, doesn't have the feel of the parchment paper Zenix used, and it's not hand calligraphed (which makes Zenix ransom letters special, off course, since every one of them is unique).

But I would advice Zenix to just stick with coffee and tea to age the notes. No idea what was used now, but they are really, really "yellow". :(

Also for people who bought a Zenix letter and have a steady hand: gold paint the "D" on the letter really gives it something extra! That's something you can try to attempt on a Zenix letter, but please don't blame me if you screw up. ;)
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