Blinking LED server room lights -- anyone know where I can purchase them?


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I'm trying to create a room like this. Ideally it would have the LEDs blinking intermittently and in a random pattern. Anyone know where I can purchase some lights or a kit like this that is pre built already? :


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I think that you could do this if you bought a bunch of LEDs and hooked them up to an Arduino that's programed to blink radomly.
I am all about doing things myself but I tried teaching myself arduino ... lol but I just don't have the time at the moment(I'm also producing and directing ...*sigh*....).

I am looking for a plug and play solution really but thanks though.


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Those boards are standalone wifi or can connect to existing networks..

usually used for accessing a 'menu' of sorts.

The reality is you are -not- going to find a plug-n-play solution that fits your needs here..

You will NEED to participate in the creation if you want the control you expressed.

As Riceball mentions.. your best best is an Arduino.

Also.. you should really spec out your needs here..

And image is 'nice'... but doesnt really help much in terms on:

* LED count
* What LEDS need to be 'animated' (controlled).,
* What LEDS are just 'on' the whole time..

This will help dictate HOW you can control then and the power (current) needed to power it all.

An Arduino and MAX7219 chip can control up to 64 leds (each MAX chip, which can be daisy chained together to control more if needed)

An Arduino and Neopixels (WS2812 leds) can be be individually addressed and controlled for color & brightness (usually a bigger current need)

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