production design

  1. nicom1234

    Hogwarts Boathouse model kit - 1:100 Scale

    I have designed a laser cut 1:100 scale (close to HO scale) 'white card' model kit of the Hogwarts Boathouse from the film 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows' You can find more information about how it was made in this thread. It comes pre-cut out in a flat pack form (to reduce shipping...
  2. Nasa

    Death Becomes Her Elixir Bottle

  3. EnderSmith

    Resource: TIE Fighter Targeting Computer Font

    I've been researching, identifying, and recreating Star Wars fonts for a while, and I wanted to share some of the progress I've made. TIE Fighter Targeting Computer The TIE Fighter targeting computers use a typeface called "Chariot." Some of the letters are rotated 180 degrees, but it's a...
  4. Lykle

    Characteristics of an iconic weapon

    For a movie, I am tasked to design and make the weapons. Most of the weapons are relatively standard, but the laws here in Cyprus do not allow Airsoft or metal replica's. So I am making guns that actually cycle and will spit out a casing, but all made from plastic. Like a Beretta and a Corner...
  5. nicotinefull

    Blinking LED server room lights -- anyone know where I can purchase them?

    I'm trying to create a room like this. Ideally it would have the LEDs blinking intermittently and in a random pattern. Anyone know where I can purchase some lights or a kit like this that is pre built already? :