best re-usable beard?


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I'm looking to do some YouTube videos in my Alec Guinness Obi-wan Kenobi cosplay and I'm going to need a re-usable beard for them. Doesn't need to look too realistic, no glue and horse hairs for me please.

Anyone know of a good Obi-wan style grey or white beard that can be used a lot without much fuss? I'll be keeping the cowl up over my head so even a beard that sits on my ears like glasses would work.



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I can't speak for this specific company, but this s exactly how I made beards when I was a make-up artist.

You apply them with spirit gum, or prosaide, and can carefully remove them with remover afterwards to be reused.

I suggest doing a bit of a search online to find a company that you're comfortable with, and appear to have a quality product.

if you find something, post it and I'll take a look.
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If you can't find one with a strap like you mentioned, I'm with Murphy. You can get hair appliances tied into lace so they don't come apart. That way, they look the same each time you put it on. And prosaide is pretty easy to work with. It comes off really easily with some Isopropyl alcohol.


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I'd go with Kryolan - one of the 'full beard' options plus a moustache - very easy to apply with spirit gum, totally reasonable pricewise - and they're indestructible. I had a Kryolan moustache for my Wikus costume (see avatar, haha) and I literally cannot kill it; it's always turning up on the bottom of boxes and costumes.

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