Adam Warlock Cosplay Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III (FanX)


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I made this cosplay for FanX (Salt Lake) last year and didn't get around to sharing it. The decision was between Adam Warlock and making a Dune Stillsuit, and but I went with Adam because I a) look more like him and b) thought it would be more a more impressive costume.
It was a real challenge for me as it was my first experience using EVA foam. I spent about 1.5 months on the costume and while certain parts are sloppy and rushed, I'm overall really pleased with the result. It was a lot of fun--but I don't think I have the energy to do another cosplay this detailed for a while. Most all of it is EVA foam glued to thermal underwear. The only 3d printed parts are the forehead stone and the skull chest emblem. Nothing too fancy, just lots of cutting, gluing, and painting.

It was fun walking around FanX. Being painted all gold definitely turned some heads and I took pictures with lots of people. I also was the only Adam Warlock there--another reason why I chose this cosplay as I didn't think there would be too many others doing it.



I have a few making of images as well. One of the biggest challenges was finding the right "base" for the costume and I ended up going with thermal underwear. I liked that it had the waffle textures I was after and didn't require any sewing. The downside of choosing thermals though was that it didn't take the gold spray paint well at all. I ended up having to paint the thermals with a light yellow acrylic paint to give the spray paint something more solid to adhere to. It still wasn't as shiny as it should have been, but it ended up being good enough.

Great cosplay build and thank you for the build progress steps pics. I'm jealous though, as I think that epic hair is your actual hair?

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