1. CrossfireProps

    Limited Run Iron Man MK1 Helmet

    Hey all! Wanted to share my latest paint up as well announce a small run of Iron Man MK1 Helmets! Tony Stark may have built this in a cave, but I painted it in a 100 degree garage! These are resin casts from the one and only TJackFX that are finished and painted by me. Each one is painted in...
  2. darthwhitey

    Sideshow 1:1 Ironman Mk3 bust

    BNIB. Never opened. Too many props! Check out my other FS threads! Cheers
  3. darthwhitey

    Marvel Legends Star Lord helmet

    BNIB...only opened to inspect contents. Ships from the USA Check out my many other FS threads...too many props to display! Cheers
  4. darthwhitey

    Rocketeer StarLord helmet FINISHED

    Another one I hate to see go!...selling props I can't display! This is a beauty. Fully finished TWO PIECE helmet with light up eyes. Previous owner said it was finished by the Rocketeer back in 2017/2018. Never worn or displayed by me. :( Check out my other FS threads! Ships from the USA...
  5. darthwhitey

    Thor Ragnarok helmet FINISHED

    I really hate to see this beauty go... RPF member TJackFX's helmet painted by the incredibly talented Mr Mold Maker Finished in a weathered "idealized" style that looks AMAZING in person! I've got too many props to display and I'm cleaning house, check out my other FS threads! Ships from the...
  6. darthwhitey

    Black Panther 1:1 helmet - Killerbody

    A really nice wearable End Game Black Panther helmet. Also a great display helmet. BNIB...never displayed. Only opened to examine and take pics. **This version of the helmet comes with no stand and no electronics. New in original box and original shipper. Ships from the USA Scale: Life-Size...
  7. Pepperbone

    Marvel's SECRET WARS

    I can't imagine Secret Wars not happening. And hopefully the Russos will drive it. D23 should be interesting this year.
  8. Gojira72

    Moon Knight Fabric

    So the new Moon Knight Costume is a thing of absolute beauty. In my desire to replicate it I have been trying to identify which fabric was used for a majority of the costume. I'm sure that the fabric was probably some highly custom printed fabric that might be a little hard for the public to...
  9. darthwhitey

    Hot Toys 1:1 Iron Man Nano Gauntlet

    Only opened to check contents. Never displayed. Ships in original boxes. Everything included. Perfect shape. Check out my other FS threads! Cheers
  10. darthwhitey

    Marvel Taurus Studios Iron Man helmet 1:1 Battle Damaged

    Here is the hard to find and LONG sold out Iron Man LIFE SIZE helmet from Taurus Studios. Their stuff is really terrific, and this helmet is one of their best. Brand New in original box. It plays a recording of Tony Stark giving his speech to Pepper. The sound is amazingly clear and loud, and...
  11. darthwhitey

    Queen Studios Iron Man Mk50 1:1 Bust - Battle Damaged

    Brand New in Box. Never opened. Huge boxes. Pickup only. Contact about local delivery near Chicago.
  12. darthwhitey

    Queen Studios Thanos 1:1 bust

    Brand New in Box. Never opened. Huge boxes. Pickup only. Chicago area. Contact me about meeting you a couple hours outside Chicago area.
  13. CrossfireProps

    Khonshu Imprisonment Statue - Moon Knight

    Hey all, just wanted to share my latest project! I recently painted up these Kohnshu Statues from the new Moon Knight Series. This is my first time trying to paint faux stone and I'm pretty happy with the results! These were resin 3D Prints that I textured with a rattle can and then based them...
  14. WebHeadedHero

    Moon Knight Reference Photos

    Hey everyone! I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Moon Knight premiere here in LA. I’m not personally working on a Moon Knight costume but I knew that others would be! I was pressed for time but here are the photos I could get of the suit! Feel free to use them as you wish! -Andrew...
  15. Ecco

    Runes on Thor Ragnarok's Mjolnir

    Hello everybody this is my first thread so I hope i don't screw up. I'm currently working on a accuracy mjolnir from the MCU, i've made my research and I don't know how to proced at this point. The top of the hammer have a cap with a inscription on it, I think (I may be wrong) that supose to...
  16. timetoparquet


  17. ZadeWilson

    Captain America 2012 v 2018

    Just wanted to show the evolution of my work, I thought it was pretty cool! The Jacket was not made by me, but everything else shown was.
  18. keepcalmcostume

    WandaVision - Agatha Harkness

    WandaVision snuck up on me in a big way. I was glad to see Wanda get more screentime, but I hadn't seen much promo material before the show aired and I had no expectations of getting invested in it, let alone recreating any costumes from it. Then Agatha happened. While I had some problems with...
  19. ZadeWilson

    Ant-Man and Giant PEZ Dispenser

    This is easily the project I'm proudest of, an Ant-Man suit and a 6'5" PEZ Disepenser made entirely of Cardboard and Duct Tape. Made for a dorm event called the Cardboard Duct Tape Battle back in 2019, the PEZ Dispenser is as functional as I can get it on the budget I had. It includes the outer...
  20. Douglascraig

    Loki Disney+: "Vote Loki" Gold Tie Slide

    Started working on a replica of the tieslid that Loki is wearing in as part of his "Vote Loki" costume in the new disney+ series. You can see it reasonably well in trailer #1. I thought it looked really cool, kind of a sublte nod to the big gold collar he wears in his full asgaridan Loki...
  21. D

    Puff Painted Spider-Man Suits

    Hello, new here but I wanted to share my puff painted suits. I’ve started almost 2 years ago and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, I have a couple more suits I’ve painted but once I get the chance to take pics I’ll post
  22. T

    Completed MK49 Rescue Armour Cosplay 3D Printed

    Hey all. Thought id share my finished (well i say mine.... its hers!) MK49 Rescue suit from Avenger Endgame. Printed on X2 Ender 5 plus printers with a little bit done on a Photon S printer. I started using the Do3d Files but after we got so far and some sizings went wrong i decided to abandon...
  23. Electro

    Electro's Classic Suit

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for Electro's classic suit (green, with yellow lightning bolts, etc.) for a while now to cosplay in, I know the suit is a little weird and different but personally I think it looks super cool. I haven't really been able to find any that look legitimate or good...
  24. JDVaughan17

    7 Piece Spider-Man Suit

    What’s up guys, I’m back, I’m making my second 7 piece spidey suit. Let’s get right into it. So the base suit was purchased from ZentaiZone. It used their red and deep blue fabrics. The first thing I did was attach some snaps around the waist. I got these snaps from Walmart. I ended up using 5...
  25. LeExpiredMilk

    Spider-Man pattern help

    Can someone help me figure out who's pattern this is? I bought this suit off ebay and I want to get a new mask with no eye holes so I can cut my own and not have the fabric peeking out the rims of my faceshell lenses. Thanks in advance!