1. evoskater

    Star Lord belt (without D-Rings)

    Hello! I am selling my old Starlord belt (without the d-rings) I am asking for 50 € + Shipping ( I am located in europe = if you live in europe shipping will be cheaper.) PLEASE PM ME AND DON`T USE THE BUY NOW BUTTON! Message me via PN. :) Feel free to ask or make offers :)
  2. phoenixjj

    What is the best way to add a laser diode to Starlord blaster?

    I am looking at the best way to add two 5V 5mW laser head diode to a modified nerf star lord blaster. I have been looking into powering it by some sort or rechargeable battery, thinking of cutting out a space to plug it in when it needs to be charged. I have already removed most of the nerf...
  3. signeddiamond

    Starlord Boot Rocket

    Hello all, Was looking for a nice printable version of this and came across this thread. Unfortunately all the links are dead and the OP seems to be gone. I decided to use his fantastic model as reference material and built...