guardians of the galaxy

  1. NyxValentine

    Drax Pants (GotG 1)

    I recently did Drax's pants from Guardians of the Galaxy 1, and figured I'd shared them here as I haven't seen a lot of people doing this one. I'm still pending the triangle attachment points for the thigh harness/belt, but the base pants are done. Happy to answer questions or show more...
  2. niennumb1

    GROOT 1:1 GOTGv2 Hot Toys LSM004 Complete!

    Like new, displayed in a glass case away from sunlight. Smoke-free home. Complete and box and shipper is in wonderful shape! Free shipping in the USA! Any questions please ask and thanks for looking!
  3. Serenity

    Marvel Star Lord Blaster 3D Printed Kits (Left and Right)

    This is a set of two (left and right hands) Star-Lord 3D printed blasters. They were designed and printed by MEOWorksCreative. They were printed via FDM in PETG to make them light and good for carrying. All parts are included, including a bag of assembly dowels and grubs. No instructions are...
  4. GridGhost

    Nebula/Ravager GotG2

    Looking for some fabric advice for my second run as Nebula in her ravager jumpsuit from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (and subsequently Infinity War). Below are some pics of my first version. Instead of a jumpsuit, my spouse and I decided just to make it three separate pieces due to...
  5. B

    Looking for the Nerf Starlord Quad Blasters

    If anybody has one (or two ) collecting dust. Please shoot me a message. Would love to take them off of your hands..