5 Foot Falcon Replica - ANH

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by t2sides, Oct 9, 2017.

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    Puuuuh- I was just about drying out for waiting so long! Those new pics are very much welcome! Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated.
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    Let me know when you are about done with this and I'll give you my shipping address.
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    Sorry Laspector; I have first dibs :D
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    LOL - Funny Fellas!!

    Quick update here - more later tonight... Got the last part for the lower Jawbox - to be a perfect match to the rear landing gear doors, Steve Neisen printed this plate up for me, like he did for the others last year! It is a PERFECT fit, as well as look and feel. First shot is just laying it down, second is the part bonded down and primered. That jawbox is now pretty much done.

    Next up, got the majority of the "Damage" area on the Starboard hull done. Still need to chop into the jawbox and do some more minor chipping and such. You'll see the crazy mess that was made my grinding away the acrylic hull, then a thin (.005) styrene sheet, heated it up and formed it to the divets. Then the .040 Styrene plating, chopped out to match the original as close as possible. So much fun doing these kinds of detail areas!


    More pics of the progress of the cockpit tube plating wrapping up next!
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    Looks great!

    I’ve always been intrigued by how the correct curvature in the plating is made. Do you have a compass-like device you use?
  6. t2sides

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    Thanks Scott!! Yeah, ALL the white styrene plating you see on the entire model is HAND cut by me, no computer prints/drawings that I'm tracing from. I do indeed do use a 'compass' approach. For the inner diameters, I use an 18" metal ruler with slide on/adjustable ends, one pointy, one with a pencil or Xacto blade on it. I typically draw the arc, or scribe it, then go back and hand cut it. Then lightly sand the ends, use the 'chompers' to cut out the nibbles, and glue the plating down. I always liked the hand fabricated approach to the original, so that's what I'm going for. The drawback is, by not using CAD overlays, sometimes my plating alignments are not 'perfect' to the original, but things come together more than close enough for me to keep pressing ahead. If I do screw up a plate, the beauty with gluing styrene to primer instead of the acrylic directly, is the plating easily pops back off with little to no residue, I can cut a new plate, and then re-bond the new one.
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    Its looking so good, there could be a ton of mess ups and its not at all noticeable.
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    HAHA !! THANKS Jamie!! Ryan's a bit of a slacker these days!! :p

    JediMichael - Shhhhh, that's supposed to be a Secret! Ha!

    Ok, so here's getting to where I'm at about now. Finished up 'most' of the Cockpit plating. There are still a number of 'greeblies' that need to go down on the cockpit walkway area. Then I need to start laying down the tons of 'chips' all over the rest of the plating. Once the rest of that all gets done, I'll probably work on putting down the original KoolShade strip over the 9 vent holes (that's gonna be fun...Not). Then, I'll be restarting on finishing up the Top Gun Turret (the primed one is for the bottom), and one of the final decisions is to move forward with the full Studio Set interior. Thanks to Maruska, I pretty much have all the parts/details for that, but it will also slow down completion. I always planned to have the original miniature cockpit interior to swap out with the set. I'll be forced to decide soon. :eek

    So, on to the latest progress...

    Finishing up the Plating between the cockpit and the jawbox.


    Plating all down in this area


    Starting the plating of the Cockpit Tunnel

    Getting plating on the front side of Cockpit tunnel (using greeblie parts as I go along to help 'measure'.

    Most of the Cockpit tunnel plating all down, with about 75% of the greeblies.

    Mocking up cockpit cone and to see how it's all looking.

    One of the First views of it in a nearly completed state of construction - with the top Gun Turret plate (Still needs to be trimmed to contour)

    Thanks again for all the support and encouragement - getting closer to full on primer, then on to painting - ohhh that's gonna be a lot of work!
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    And I almost forgot, got the majority of this area finished up too.

    Still have a few minor items, but it was nice to see the pipes and parts go down.

    One additional shot of the 'inside' of the cockpit tube plating.

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    Killing this thing. So how much have you spent so far? And yes, we know, too much. I'm working on a MUCH smaller sized ship right now and its cost me (estimated) around 3 or 4 hundred so far....
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    Incredible work t2sides:cool!!
  12. DARKSIDE72

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    .....I'll be in my bunk...;)
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    Inspirational stuff! You've got some great patience and skill! Looking forward to the final product...
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    This is such an inspiring build and has aided me in converting/super detailing many details of my Deagostini Falcon model. I have discovered so many details about the 5 footer from your build that I have never noticed before. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome build.
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    * Sean!! This is actually my first post on RPF, and I just have to say that I am totally blown away by this! I have always been a huge fan of your work, and this is yet one more shining example of your incredible talent! WOW!!!

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    The wowness of wow t! This is coming on leaps and bounds(y)thumbsup
  17. t2sides

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    Hey THANKS again Guys!!! Much appreciated!! Brad!!! Great to see you hear, Welcome!!! Can't wait to see some of your impressive work popping up!!

    So, brief update. Finished up most of the little greeblies on the cockpit 'walkway' areas. I think I only had to sub 1 or 2 parts of all those suckers! Pretty happy overall with it.

    I also got the Classic KoolShade installed over the vent holes. Made my first real 'error' here though, don't mind sharing as it shows things don't always work out. What I did was forgot to compensate for the distance of the cockpit tube that includes the beveled 'connection' between the tube and the cone. That put me too far forward with the vent holes, then when I put the KoolShade over with it's inherent offset from being centered on the holes, I wound up putting the whole section 'too close' to the cockpit cone. I considered for about half a second to rip it out and re build it, but I decided to live with the flaw. Sometimes, for me at least, it's OK not to get as 'perfect' as you were hoping for, so you can just keep moving forward and get a project done. Considering how much of this ship is nuts on accurate, this oversight will just be part of this ship. One other note - I used my "Panther G" strips that should be on the KoolShade for another project, so I wound up using "JagD Panther". Not a perfect match again to the original, but when it's all ya got.....

    Next up will be to finish all the little styrene chips on the rest of the hull plating, a few more cockpit details, then on to plating the cone, adding the t-strips, then going for the interior work. Starting to see the construction finish line, but it's still a fair amount of work to do. HUGE KUDO's to Lee Malone, beyond impressed on how fast he put his 5 Footer together!!

    The detail parts are all down here

    Was cool to put in the Ladder Chief 'emergency hatch' part down
    With the KoolShade pushed forward, this detail area wound up 'stretching' a bit

    Styrene chips and greeblies going down on the hull section here
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  18. Gort

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    Wow. I haven't been on here for a while, however looks like I've dropped by at a good time for 5' foot Falcon building. Its been a joy reading through your build and seeing your Falcon coming together. Following what Lee Malone has done with his big Falcon and now what you are doing with yours, the craftsmanship is truly inspirational.
  19. t2sides

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    Hey Nick!! Welcome Back!! THANK YOU for the kind comments.

    Here's the latest Update - MAJOR MILESTONE for me reached!! Got the whole ship in primer today!

    So after putting down a number of final details on the main hull and assembly, I got the whole base primer coat down, and started finishing up the top gun turret with it's parts along the side. That should get primer this week. Next will be plating the cockpit cone, adding the t-strips to the window frames, and lastly get going on the Cockpit Interior.
    Here's a bunch of pics....

    Rear Top view

    Engine Deck

    Port Side with unfinished dish support

    And without the dish support

  20. t2sides

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    And another round of pics.....

    Continuing to swing around, close up of Starboard side

    Primer11.jpg Primer19.jpg
    Primer17.jpg Primer16.jpg

    A classic type angle, looking the part!



    Top Jawbox and damage area

    Still have to cut out the damage on the jawbox where it meets the hull


    And the Port side (Engine Milkplex and Underside engine plate not yet installed)
  21. t2sides

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    As an aside, thought it'd be cool to show a size comparison of the Engine Section to the Studio Scale Galactica - Though the Galactica was a lot of work, this shows how much more significantly more mass there is to the Falcon.

    EngGal2.jpg EngGal.jpg
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    Spectacular! Funny how all the details pop even more for some reason when it’s all primed. Can’t wait to watch the paint job come along.

    Beautifuller and beautifuller. :)

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    *. That looks great!

    - nkg
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    Wow, just wow!
  25. Larry T

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    Absolutely beautiful!
  26. stevielewis

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  27. Gort

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    Now that's just showing off! :D Joking aside that's a great comparison shot, and not one many people can make! Really does show the size of the Falcon. No wonder ILM built a smaller one for the acrobatics required in Empire...
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    Spectacular!!!. It Looks sharp and slick in black primer:). By the way thank you for 300+ breathtaking photos posted here.Keep them coming.
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    This and the Rogue Studios photos are awesome for vicarious Falconing.
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    It'll be difficult to beat that one!! Way cooler than anything else around here:cool
  31. t2sides

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    You guys are Awesome! Thank you for the kind comments!!

    Quick update - Got the ship flipped back around. Finished up most of the cockpit underside greeblies - waiting on another kit to finish that area up. In the meantime, got the first base coat of primer/paint down. There will be another layer of white to go over this one, this was just an initial light primer coat. I'll probably get the trench walls in soon as well. Also got started on plating of the starboard docking walls and had a bit of fun with the plating deformation (including the cockpit underside). It's pretty cool to see it all now in a single color. The middle jawbox and the turret platform are not yet glued down (I'll test the painting/weathering on them before bonding down.

    Cockpit underside with final gray primer (minus a couple parts)
    White1.jpg White2.jpg

    White Primer down
    White17.jpg White15.jpg
    White13.jpg White11.jpg

    Starting the damaged hull wall behind cockpit, and deformed plating.

    White5.jpg White4.jpg

    A few more with the detail areas
    White18.jpg White23.jpg
    White26.jpg White25.jpg
    White23=4.jpg White19.jpg
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    And a few more of the whole ship underside at different angles. Can't wait to start painting the panels and the weathering!

    White31.jpg White30.jpg
    White32.jpg White33.jpg

    White33a.jpg White33b.jpg

    Flipped to show the 'proper underside' orientation
    White34.jpg White34b.jpg
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    Getting there.....so close.....
  34. 3DImpact

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    Oh my... :)

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    Beautiful ! a sight for sore eyes, ...
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    Epic in every ways:cool:thumbsup
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    Second that, a mountain of awesomeness :thumbsup
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    awesome ... just awesome!
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    looks awesome!
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    What he said!

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    This is truly fascinating. To see the step by step process to bring this from raw shapes into a fully realized model is invaluable and inspiring.

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    OMG! Beautiful!
  44. t2sides

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    Thanks again guys!! Here's the latest. Started off masking the underside and starting to shoot some of the panels. The contrast looks high right now, but they will blend together as I add the multiple filters and thinned layers. If they started off too light, then they'd blend in, easier this way to soften them up. I started trying out the initial filter/weathering on the left half of the underside engine deck plate. That's only about half the filters, still needs the thinned gray and dirtiness added, but you can see how just the light filter knocks down the contrast compared to the other side.
    Then, to make the painting easier, got help from a buddy and we setup the model on an engine stand (Lee Malone did this on his gorgeous 5 footer, and it makes things so easier. I can rotate it 180 degrees to make access easier from a number of angles.
    Lastly, a couple shots standing next to it to get a sense of size and scale of this monster! So friggin' big!
    Thanks for looking!

    Masking the lower hull for the light gray panels (red panels already painted down)

    IMG_2397 (2).JPG IMG_2399 (2).JPG

    Starting the gray

    IMG_2403 (2).JPG

    Model on engine stand for easier access/rotation.

    IMG_2411 (2).JPG IMG_2410 (2).JPG

    Initial weathering on the engine plate (notice the darker panels on the far right without the first 'filter'.

    IMG_2476 (2).JPG IMG_2475 (2).JPG
    IMG_2474 (2).JPG IMG_2468 (2).JPG

    Here's the top and bottom for scale

    IMG_2487 (2).JPG IMG_2463 (2).JPG

    And the beginning of the base coat on the front half of the top is where we are at.

    IMG_2499 (2).JPG IMG_2497 (2).JPG
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    Uncompromising perfection.
  46. JediMichael

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    Looking really good. Where do you paint it at?
    I have to take whatever I'm working on outside. Just primed a 2 foot model after dusting it all off. Still had little pieces of dust here and there.
  47. alexa0ne

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    That really looks like the original one, your creation is look so cool.
  48. joberg

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    The best MF ever built (besides the one at ILM;)) Pro-Job all the way!!
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  49. swgeek

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    What a fantastic build! Your Falcon is really looking good! Amazing build and you're making quick work of it.
    No wonder I'm having trouble finding models, they're all on your shelves. :)
  50. Rats

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    Lol, my thoughts exactly!
    Bloody amazing build Sean. Looks incredible.

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