5 Foot Falcon Replica - ANH


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Hello RPF'rs
Started this big fella about a year ago, but haven't done much over the summer as I moved homes. Now have a workshop setup, and picking back up on her. I'll try to share the progress as it continues, so a lot of these pics were taken before I've restarted. Should be a fun journey, and am just amazed at the work other Falcon builders/designers and research work that has been accomplished to help those of us that are attempting to build this big model. I'm doing a lot of 'free hand' construction to assemble this, and referencing the amazing blueprints Maruska and VFXsup64 have shared. Eagle1's build is looking just incredible, and it's so awesome to see/compare how we tackle building these.
I'll start here with the Mandibles, as they were the first part I constructed. I'm going mostly a full styrene/kit approach for Greeblies on this, and only casting parts when absolutely necessary.
Starting the Mandible
IMG_5685.JPG IMG_5683.JPG
Filling in the Pits
Sidewall details
STBMand13.jpg STBMand12.jpg STB Mand11.jpg
IMG_6325.JPG IMG_6320.JPG STBMand16.jpg


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6" Dish construction and now in primer. I realized they 'routed' out the Plastruct dome for this, so I copied that approach, then cut out the rounded raised lip to make it flush on the two sides. Lined up to match as best possible to the Sealab/IX part. (I still have to clean up the filler nubs in the Saturn V cone.)
. IMG_7885.JPG Dish2.jpg Dish1.jpg IMG_0973.JPG IMG_0974.JPG


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Awesome to have your build here finally Sean & to keep me on pace haha. Yes, so many people to thank for making these builds doable, without them & all the knowledge that we have gathered, our builds will be pretty darn faithful to the filming miniature.
Your work Sean is as always so clean & sharp. Not to mention you work at a dizzying pace, I'm still in awe over this fact!.

Radar dish looks incredible!



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Amazing work. I have a question for you, experienced and knowlegable modelers. I compared this bandai perfect grade Falcon drawings


with Maruska and VFXsup64 blueprints and 3d base model. There are just minor diferences except this one:

Bandai vs Maruska-VFXsup64.jpg

Bandai model should be based on structure light scan of original, if I rember correctly. Can it be trusted? What do you think? Witch one is more right?


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Yes the Bandai Falcon is correct with the cockpit tube & cone diameter being 6'. Andre's plans had the 5 3/4" tube which was proven wrong quite a while back now & that measure came from my earlier workings out. So the correct diameter is indeed 6' & Bandai of course have it correct for the kit & that decal plan sheet.


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Glad to see you up and running again Sean! Happy you’re settled in enough to open up shop. Awesome project! Don’t recall you telling me about this one. I’ll be watching. I’ll send this thread to Dan. Maybe he’ll become a member here. ;-)



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Thanks BigPetr for the link! Great stuff and excellent reference by Bandai! They did a GREAT job on that thing! Looking forward to getting that kit.
Tracy, thanks!
So here's some more background on the project. These are the maintenance pits and the bottom platform under construction.

Rear Starboard Pit

RearSTBRecess1.jpg RearSTBRecess.jpg

Lower Port Under Pit (I've since fixed the truck frame to be vertical properly)

PortUnder1.jpg PortUnder.jpg
Between Mandibles


The Fwd Starboard Pit
FWDrecess1.jpg FWDrecess.jpg
Lower Starboard Pit

The Whole Gang!

Compare of underside pits:
My Model on Top, Studio Mini on bottom (There are some minor differences for lack of having some parts at the time, but overall I feel I got pretty closed)
Starboard Pit:
Port Pit

And the underside landing gear platform coming into shape
. DeckPlate2.jpg DeckPlate1.jpg
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WOW Sean, so good to see you back here again! Fantastic work as always! And, all the more incredible given how unbelievably FAST you can build! It never ceases to amaze me! You continue running circles around the rest of us. :D


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One of my favorite things about these 5 footer build threads is seeing all of the nurnies that I recognize from my SS y-wing project! It's like, "Oh hey, there is one of those, and there is five of those!" It gives me hope that I may be able to tackle this beast someday!


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Thanks much Guys!! Appreciate it!!
Getting close to real time now... Here's a few shots of the main hull approach I'm taking. I started with the 'hamburger patty', built around a 2" PVC pipe so a 2" steel muffler pipe can go in across for carrying, then I have a vertical pipe that has a metal rod on the top/bottom to work as a stop for the steel pipe, but allows me to mount it vertical up/upside down. The lighting is just a nice bright white LED light strip that will be accessible if needed. The "Buns" I did similar to the original. I had them custom formed/blown (it took 12 attempts to make 3 good hemispheres) I am currently bonding the two 'bun' spheres to the patty, should have pics this weekend. I'll then add a 'extension' strip that emulates perfectly the overlap of the sphere including the 'lip' shape. More details on that on next update.

Patty Taking shape

IMG_6357.JPG image1.JPG

Blown domes
Body2.jpg Dome1.jpg Dome2.jpg

Dry fitting assemblies
IMG_7566.JPG IMG_7565.JPG IMG_7563.JPG body1.jpg IMG_7567.JPG


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And the engine lights

both4.jpg Eng3.jpg eng4.jpg IMG_6394.JPG both2.jpg

I must point out, if it weren't for the COMMUNITY of awesome RPF'rs and good friends that have HELPED TREMENDOUSLY on tireless research and design, I NEVER could have even started building this. I fully intend to post a list of contributors to this project!! You guys are amazing and I want to THANK EVERYONE that has shared with me on this endeavor!! :thumbsup :cheers :cheers
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Absolutely brilliant work. I can never get over how big this thing is. Wish I had the space. (Notwithstanding the skills.)


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Fantastic! Congrats on this - very nice work. Thanks for posting your progress pics and allowing the vicarious joy in a dream project...


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