5 Foot Falcon Replica - ANH


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Amazing progress Sean, putting down the big hull panels is a milestone!. I think all the armor plate nibbling is my favorite part to see on yours & to do on mine, kinda therapeutic haha.
And those death star panels in your display room look killer!. One day, thinking next year, I'll come for a visit & jaw drop on your floor haha.



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Thanks Stu, yeah, I agree, I LOVE the 'nibbling' part, it never gets tiring. I actually find laying down all the styrene chips to be quite enjoyable as well.
Joberg, Thanks much!!!
Thanks SK, Yeah thanks to YOU for the reference over to BLUEREALM folks, they did an AMAZING job on replicating those panel lights! I love them!


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Craig, Thank You!! Appreciate it and all you have contributed to Falcon builders out there!! Your ID's and amazing time and research you have done have helped make this thing possible.
Tracy - Nope, that Comm station is gone! Still have the full size Kirk chair though!

OK on to UPDATE - Finished up plating the back half of the lower hull, then got the whole thing primered, added some 'chips'. Next it was on to building the center lower 'jaw'. That is hand built out of styrene based on the amazing blueprints from Maruska and VFXSup64! It came together pretty quickly, added some putty, sanded, then started adding the plating and greeblies.

Here's the lower plating completed with primer and chips being added


The Construction of the Lower Jawbox and dry fitting to dome and fit checking with Mandibles


Puttying up, then sanded and dry fit


- - - Updated - - -

And here's some more placements of Jawbox


And here's the Jawbox with the start of Plating and Greeblies



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You don't even know how this build makes my day every time I see an update!

Couple of questions, how did you emulate the hull buckling on some of the armor plating, namely by the starboard docking ring? Also, how much would you say it weighs at this point?

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Really nice! Love the systematic approach to the build. And man she is a lovely array of donat parts isnt she. Keep up the great work!


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Apart from the incredible job of getting the right parts, putting everyone of them in their right position on the model; the one pic that made my day is the gash exposing the innards of the Falcon...BRILLIANT:cool:cool!!


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THANKS so much fellas!! Always appreciate the kind comments!!

Kokkari - The hull buckling was simply applying a lighter flame about an inch from the styrene to warm it up, then kind of a push/fold/push movement to get the shape, quickly before it re-cooled. The other recesses were pre-dug out of the acrylic, thin sheet styrene over those, heat the styrene and push in to the voids, and rough up a bit with Xacto. I'd say it ways MAYBE 50ish lbs. so far. I'm expecting 75-100 lbs at completion.

joberg - THANKS much on the 'gash'!! Yeah, I'm excited to paint/weather around it to get it shapewise to emulate the original, but it's so cool to see the 8RAD plate in there.

Marvin - Yeah, it almost becomes INSANE digging out all these original parts, but so Thankful for the TEAM of folks that did the lion share of IDs/sharing that allowed me to gather/collect all these remarkable kit donors!

JediMichael - Thanks, it's all about getting in an hour each night after work, and a very awesome/supportive wife that usually frees me up a day on weekends to play!

A very small update here - Some more Greeblies added to the Jawbox (I'm waiting on a couple kits to arrive to finish parts). Started test fitting the Sheridan plate on the hull wall, it fits in perfectly between the mandibles, will try to get some pics of that arrangement soon.



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EE89, thank you! Initially, I am building a "real" cockpit, so that will deviate from the filming miniature. HOWEVER, if all goes well, I intend to make the cockpit cone removable and be able to place a 'real model' interior to swap occasionally.

I'm Awestruck!

Will your cockpit be from the model? I sure hope so! :)