5 Foot Falcon Replica - ANH

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by t2sides, Oct 9, 2017.

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    Thanks Flimzy!!

    Here's a quick update. Mostly completed Starboard Rear Pit panels. I still have a few minor tweaks to make, but it's close. My Plating is not 100% due to some early placement errors that I decided to live with. If I get ambitious enough, I can always pop off the styrene plates and redo them. It's at one of those points where you just decide to live with some compromises and small off-sets rather than laboring over trying to get every little nibble exactly in place. Also started on the side wall damage/weathering near the docking ring. I still have some styrene to chop off to make it look a bit more 'angled' as it goes up. But it's fun to melt the styrene and try to get approximate shapes/deformations.

    Piping installed into pit, along with the 'T' channels meeting the 8Rad part (Happy with the way/angle these came out)


    Starting on the damaged side wall

    Full view looking down

    And the long shot, the overlap on the rear quarter is looking just about right!
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    Most beautiful hunk of plastic we've ever seen.
  3. t2sides

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    A few updates from the weekend. Got started on the rear engine deck cover. Started off with adding the hull extension. It lined up very nicely. Then a modification to the Acrylic 'Lip', custom cut the cutout sections that are there on the original, and added the styrene plating. I haven't decided if I'll also add the taper right in the middle that would have accommodated the mounting pipe. Then placed the Lip on top of the extension, and finished adding the last of the plating. After that, it was on to a good coat of primer, and checking the overall fit on the hull. It's great seeing the side profile, the overhang looks just right! This was a big milestone as the radius and the curve had to be just right to fit the upcoming 'blades' that will go over the edge, and of course all the parts that are next to be added.

    Here's the hull extension, nicely lines up with the existing extension.
    And a full view of the hull extension
    Here's the 'lip extension' with the plating installed and the 'cutouts' into the acrylic.


    The final plating installed on the lip, glued to the engine deck

    The overhang looks just about right!

    The Engine deck lip with the plating installed

    Slapped some primer on the whole engine deck

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    Unbelieevable. At first I thought the side walls were a tad to tall, but nope. Once the plating is on, it closes the gap. Nerd porn like finding your first Playboy.
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    Looking great!
  6. 3DImpact

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    Very nice - progressing along beautifully!

  7. EE89

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    In my opinion, you should add the taper for the mounting pipe. :)
  8. t2sides

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    THANKS much Fellas!! Yeah, it's also a bummer that the phone cam distorts it all a bit, looks really good in person, especiially those overhangs. They look even tighter and spot on in person!
    So here's a bit more progress. Worked on the hull damage area on the front Starboard Side and some of the plating. I still have some minor tweaking to do in here, like widen up a couple of the holes a little bit and continue shaping to closely match the original filming miniature. It is so much fun melting and shaping the styrene though!

    Starting with the thin styrene sheet that gets melted into the holes I pre cut in the acrylic hull.


    Hull Plating cut/formed to match over the melted styrene holes.

    A few of the side views as the plating and overlaps start coming together.

    Side view before engine deck cover in place
    Engine deck on
    Side view with engine deck on with overhang.
  9. kokkari

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    Something that helps with the wide angle distortion of your camera is to step back with your phone/camera and zoom in a bit. 70mm focal length is a sweet spot and provides the least distortion.

    Makes my day every time I see one of your updates. You're living the dream for so many of us mate!
  10. dsp5500

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    Just caught up on the thread, Awesome!
  11. joberg

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    Those holes are a thing of beauty!!
  12. t2sides

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    Thanks Kokkari, dsp550 and joberg!!

    Ok, making good progress here on the Engine Deck, it's pretty much done. First set of pics are the build up of the deck. This took a LOT of time pulling all the right parts, but I feel pretty good that this is about 99% accurate to the original as it was back in 1976.

    SPECIAL THANKS for the ID help and overall support/help from Eagle1, Maruska, VFXSup67, GoldLeader and Tsophika!! Could not have got all these perfect details without you guys!!

    Starting to get pretty thin on my parts trees though, but thankfully, almost all of this is original styrene kit parts! Has been a goal to use as much as possible on this thing.

    So, here we go:

    Initial parts going down


    AND the final grouping/assembly of all the parts on the Engine Deck.

    NOTE - the BF-109 struts on the engine shovels are not glued down yet, so they are not 'straight'. But, Speaking of straight, I deliberately made some of the shovels at the end crooked to try and match the crookedness of the original.
    The KOOLSHADE in the one vent is a test, all 6 will have ORIGINAL classic KoolShade in them. Still have to get the little styrene chips installed on the vent rings too.


    And a couple more profiles - can't wait to put together the lower engine shovel plate, and get that nice little gap in there completed!

    And an underside shot...


    Have a REALLY COOL setup for the FANs coming that will go inside the 6 discs, will mimic the original with a cool little twist!

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  13. DARKSIDE72

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    Amazing to watch this come to fruition!!!:eek
  14. Lee S

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    Crazy!! Totally BAT S#!T CRAZY! Can't wait to see more :-D
  15. joewhite

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    So this is where all the Sealabs went. LOL! I wouldn't be brave enough to do that! Looks awesome!

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  16. Treadwell

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    So beautiful. There's a tear in me eye...
  17. bwize

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    This is so awesome to watch come together. Such a beautiful piece of custom work. Absolutely breath taking!
  18. Treadwell

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  19. stevielewis

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    Totally fantastic! It's amazing watching this build come together!
  20. azheat01

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    Incredible, awesome detail, can't wait to see it all painted up.
  21. t2sides

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    THANKS a TON fellas!!! Much appreciated as always!! It's definitely a big, challenging build, but it's also coming together very nicely with minor adjustments along the way.

    Treadwell, it's actually the MPC 1/24 Hurricane underside wing cut up. (But the Shiden does offer up a few parts on the under side engine deck and in one of the front mandible pits.)

    Joewhite, those Sealab parts fall under the 1% non-kit parts actually! The Sealab parts are all the wonderful casts from Salzo, he just did a little extra on those and 'tinted' them in Sealab Orange!!! SO, they make you feel like you're putting down parts of a $600 kit!

    LeeS - I feel that way a lot of times when working on this monster!

    Darkside, always appreciate it with the amazing things you've done!!

    Tonight the top Jawbox got trimmed down and primered. I had not yet finished the 'height' of the side walls, and more material needed to come off tapering to the back, I just needed to get the plating down to find the proper spot it will go down. So what looked like a slight angle of the jawbox at the front, when looking at the side, it's now pretty parallel as it is on the original. Pics to follow in a few days.

    Thanks again for the support!
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  22. Captain Han Solo

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    AMAZING WORK sir!! Beautiful amazing work. Again, beautiful!
  23. scottjua

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    sweet geezus this is awesome
  24. joewhite

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    I figured this may be the case, lol! Yeah, they look amazing! I have a kit but don't think I'll ever cut it up.....I'll just make copies of parts. Thanks for sharing your build with us.

  25. joberg

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    Man, that build is giving me goose bumps every time I see the next update:cool...don't know how much more I can take:D
  26. superjedi

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    Amazing! I wish I had space to display something like this, but I can enjoy it vicariously.
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  27. eethan

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    This is the very first time I see that world out of a Tool song :lol :thumbsup

    that Falcon is so impressive, amazing job t2sides, I'm really thrilled each time I see an update :thumbsup
  28. superjedi

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    Oh, I'm sure you must have seen that word at least 46 and 2 times before. ;)
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  29. t2sides

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    Cheers Fellas!! Thanks.

    Quick mid week update - primered the jawbox, and finished the plating for the front/port quarter. Still have some styrene chips to add, but good to go. I'm most happy with the way the big Mclaren Cockpit tub/seat and the big Panther box came out into the plating. Was always worried about this area coming together, and it all fit seamlessly!

    Added the piping, angles matched up pretty well.

    Mclaren and Panther part nicely fit!
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  30. eagle1

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    Well... you already know how much this build is stunning us Sean, simply incredible your progress & skill!. So happy to be sharing this build journey with you, ughhhhh...what can I say that hasn't been said before haha.
  31. Scott Graham

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    I wish I could zip through builds with as much confidence that you’re showing. A truly awesome build!
  32. turambar

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    I would like to be the 185 th member you give you the feedback of an amazing work. I wish I was beware of it earlier.
    Nearly finished with my convertion of a FineMolds ESB-style Falcon into a 5-footer (as much as I am able to) all those pictures would have been a fantastic help.
    But they are still . . .
  33. Sparky70

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    Superb build! I've got to ask, I'm also building a 5' although I've got 99.99% of the engine deck parts, I noticed you've managed to find a part that's been a mystery to me for what seems like forever, the part that sits in front of the Fokker gun, the cylindrical piece with the bits sticking out on each side. A pointer towards where to find this would be a massive help, understand if you can't though.
    All the best with your awesome Falcon :thumbsup

  34. t2sides

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    You guys are awesome!! Thanks much for the kind comments!!

    So got the acrylic cockpit tube on - the LAST big milestone of construction!! It went together quite nicely and looks just about right. After dry fitting/sanding, I then filled the remaining gap with some bondo. Then it'll get some primer, and the plating. She's starting to look like a complete Falcon! Very excited to get this area done, and keep moving on. Sparky70, I'll get back to ya!

    Clear Tube dry fit test


    Sanded down and ready to be bonded.

    Bonded down with some Bondo for the gaps.
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  35. eagle1

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    Whoa!!...there it is...the cockpit & tunnel, in place & yep...looking most awesome Sean!.
    You got that fitting so we'll, no easy feat & one I'm dreading haha. Can't wait to see you plate over the Messer pit & complete that quarter, again you get it done so fast & clean!.
  36. kamandi

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    That is a joy to look at
  37. stevielewis

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    That is a work of beauty!
  38. moffeaton

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    You frosted those parts fast!! Looks gorgeous!
  39. joberg

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    That tube/cockpit is already looking good. Eager to see the next update!!
  40. t2sides

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    Thanks much guys!!! Appreciate it!

    Just a very minor update, didn't get any build time in the last week, but these WONDERFULLY detailed 'fans' arrived this weekend. These are the ingenious creation of Maruska, who custom created them to meet the limited depth of my deck (I chose not to cut out the holes), and did some foreshortening to make the fans appear to have the correct depth. One is customized with the very funny 'fan' comment, the other 5 are the same amazing text! Thank You Maruska! What an amazing addition to this build!! (y)cheers

  41. Vidar 710

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    Looking great Sean! I read that you used some Bondo above. I’d like to suggest a product I have become ‘very’ fond of in my Large Excelsior build. You can see it in the reshaping of the bows on the Warp nacelles and Secondary hull. Now I use it in normal plastic modeling circumstances as well.
    Apoxie Sculpt... it is a two part epoxy putty product or paste product that is also considered an adhesive. It will stick to anything without attacking it like a Bondo or standard putty product would. You can use water or a thinning product they have on your hands to form it and Sculpt it into seams and large gaps with ‘NO’ shrinkage. You can smooth it in to the point that you may leave yourself with little to no sanding.

    btw, if you do end up needing to sand the Sculpt - it sands like a dream. The paste?... That stuff sets like stone and is a real bi-yatch to sand down.

    I LOVE this stuff!

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  42. joberg

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    Love the fans (thank you Maruska:cool). A great add-on for sure!!
  43. 3DImpact

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    Wow - look at that deck! LOVE all the detail - this is really looking amazing! The cockpit tube really does make the difference...

  44. Jaitea

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    .....Such a beautiful build

  45. DRRNCharles

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    Beauty Beast!
  46. t2sides

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    Thanks again fellas!
    Tracy - Yeah, been using Apoxie Sculpt for years! You're right, it's a great product and does equally as good as Bondo. Depending on the project, I'll bounce between the products.

  47. asalaw

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    Just caught up with this thread. What an amazing build!!
  48. bwize

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    This is a once in a life time build. I have discovered so many details about the 5 footer I have never noticed before and have implemented them on my Deago falcon build. Thanks so much for undertaking such an epic project and sharing the build process.
  49. t2sides

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    Thanks again for the kind comments!!!
    Going on Hiatus for a few weeks here, so one more minor update. Got the Cockpit tube primed, and added the plating between the docking arm and the cockpit tube, and added the plating to the docking ring arm. Started on the plating on the other side towards the last 'pit'. So great to have things line up so well, a testament to the amazing blueprints Maruska and VFXSup64 put together!!
    I also just mocked up one of the side resin inserts behind the cockpit in a few pics, so not the actual section that will go in there. Thanks again for looking!

    Mocked up sidewall behind cockpit, and plating overhang looking about right.

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  50. DARKSIDE72

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    You know there are no words for sick, BAD * accomplishment Sean...I hope your getting some work out of Ryan!!!

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