1:1 Red Ranger Power Sword/ Tyranno Ranger Ryugekiken

RPM Studios

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Wa S'up Guys N Dolls!

Were new to this forum.
We are a small based prop company called 'RPM' which stands for 'Real Prop Monsters'....

Heres our first post, and its a 1:1 Red Ranger Power Sword/ Tyranno Ranger Ryugekiken. (Power Rangers/ Super Sentai)

The sword is 1:1 scale and has been thoroughly researched and made in accordance with the best reference pictures we could find (and fallenranger is a fussy git :cool:)
UPDATE: some pics of our first paint tests




We constructed the first prototype sword from hand carved wood (no power tools here!). All detail on the sword have been hand carved, right down to the final details of the engravings of the pattern on the sword blade!!! :007:




The swords are made of a plastic thermo resin which is very strong, the first pull from the mold is 3-4 times more strong than the wooden prototype (or 'master') it was cast from. There is a metal rod encapsulated within the resin for additional strength to cope with the torsional flex when the sword is handled.








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That sword looks awesome, and so does your costume.

Just out of interest, were those last couple of pics taken at London Expo??

King Ranger

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Looks good!

Are you open for criticism or leave it as it stands? Just curious.

Looking awesome! The picture I have (from the MMPR trading cards) shows the 'golden flame' bits around the side a little shorter, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was more then one version.

That's not the screen used sword from Japan. That's a version the US production team made since they couldn't get the original from Toei.
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