Your resin/chemical gloves of choice?


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So after snagging way too many gloves on the corner of a mother mold or compressor fitting and ending up with resin on my fingertips before noticing it, made me wonder if there is a particular type/brand/thickness/budget of throw away gloves that members swear by?
I use regular mechanic's gloves (latex or nitrile) for resin work and the heavier rubber gloves for stains and acetone. As for the brand, I just pick them up at Home Depot. They come in a tube.

I used to buy the latex ones found at Lowe's paint department, but I've switched to Nitrile exam gloves found at Costco. Stay away from the Vinyl ones, since they tear easily and defeats the purpose of protection.
I generally use professional grade latex gloves, not all latex gloves are created equal and most consumer gloves that you get at the store are far inferior to the professional grade gloves, it's really an eye opener when you see how far they vary in quality... I'm not saying the ones that the local store are garbage, and some local stores are actually caring better brands, but truth is there can be a night and day swing between brands...

And believe it or not when I'm simply pouring and mixing resin vs. actually doing a bunch of work, I use the super thin poly gloves that you see kids wearing at say Subway, they are junk but they work just fine for quick and dirty work, and they are dirt cheap...
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