You’re Trapped In A Room For 24 Hours With One Film On Repeat. What Film Do You Want It To Be?


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I actually did a 12 hour shift on groundhog day. Guess what marathon was playing!

Other than that, I would probably choose any film that I was trying to study a prop from.

Or Life Force.
Love Life-force! really got a bad rap from critics but I love it.
I made one of the victims husk body once and drove it round in my VW.

Back to films..

"Close Encounters" would be my on repeat movie.
Too many great actors and scenes I could bleet on about or Stevens eye for a sweeping vista..

It has a fantastic story and at its heart its a chase movie..

I might sling it on now ;)


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Here's one you haven't seen so far. I don't care -- It is my favorite movie and has been since I was 16. No apologies.

"It's true that Mavis and Sybil have
Ways that are winning
Prudence and Gwendolyn
Set your heart spinning
Phoebe's delightful, Maude is disarming
Janice, Felicia, Lydia? Charming!
Cynthia's dashing, Vivian's sweet
Stephanie's smashing, Priscilla a treat
Veronica, Millicent, Agnes, and Jane?
Convivial company, time and again!
Doris and Phyllis and Glynis are sorts
I'll agree are three jolly good sports
But cream of the crop, tip of the top
Mary Poppins
and there we stop!"

So ha.



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Hmm. Peggy Sue Got Married, 2001: A Space Odyssey, maybe a final helping of The Sound of Music?


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The Song Remains the Same (1976).

Been wanting to perfect the Bonham Engine and them triplets accross all the flat surfaces in the kitchen for a long ol'time - 24hrs would be a start.

Next door will love it ....Bet ya!


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I thought about this quite a bit and I think it would be Citizen Kane.
This might seem cliche but I've only watched it without distraction once. I don't think I'd get bored with the story or studying the film making techniques. As a bonus I'd be able to pin down each scene recreated during the early Simpson episodes, I'd love to edit together that story using those sequences. :lol:


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Just before we got married, my wife had set up a birthday party for me and she told a story about a movie on repeat. Many years earlier, she had been set to fly to Europe from the US on a rather large plane. One big enough at the time to have in flight movies ( not so common back then ). It was Groundhogs Day. She had never seen it and seeing any movie in flight was a first for her. They got to the end and she realized she hadn't even noticed taking off. Because, they hadn't. The plane was having issues and so was the airport. They had loaded only the one movie because they had another short hop before going overseas. She watched Groundhogs Day on loop for nearly 6 hours. She thought that was pretty coincidental that it was my birthday. I then showed her the movie again and forwarded to the point where he introduces the head Groundhog keeper.... which of course had been my nickname since birth. Buster Green.


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My choice would be Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. It's never had a Blu-ray or DVD release, of course, but I'm just going to hope that whoever is trapping me for 24 hours has access to a print of it somehow.


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Another option would be to try a film I've never seen. There quite a few on my list that I'd likely enjoy. I could see myself taking that risk just for the novelty of the situation.

I could go for that idea. Maybe I'd finally get around to Bergman's 5-hour Fanny and Alexander after the countless recommendations by CineFix.
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