You’re Trapped In A Room For 24 Hours With One Film On Repeat. What Film Do You Want It To Be?


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I would look for something with depth and/or a lot going on visually. Something by David Lynch or Ridley Scott. Either Mulholland Dr. or Blade Runner. Probably Mulholland Dr. as it was great and I'm not as familiar with it.

Another option would be to try a film I've never seen. There quite a few on my list that I'd likely enjoy. I could see myself taking that risk just for the novelty of the situation.


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I guess I'd go Thor Ragnorok... it has the most going on to keep my attention...


Tone changes...

Tessa Thompson...


Great quippy dialogue...

Music is good....

Structurally it just moves... not much fat.

I wanted to say "Blade Runner 2049" or Dune (new one)... but I think I want something more upbeat...

I've watched Dune 5 times in theater and another 6 or 7 at home and looooove it... BUT, on repeat, gonna need more color.

Psab keel

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I could rewatch Captain Blood or Forbidden Planet too. I only saw them each once but I was so impressed with them both! I have a handful of those TCM DVD 4 pack sets from years ago that I should really revisit. One was Action/Adventure, one Drama, and one Science Fiction.


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I just realized I have a secret weapon, a three year old. I’ve watched Encanto, Onward, Turning Red, Tangled, etc like 4 times in a day before, so really what’s a dozen times comparatively. (I promise the kid isn’t a screen zombie, it’s mostly comfortable background noise while we play)


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Seven Samurai above all.



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Either of the original "Star Wars" trilogy would be on my list, "Alien", too, and even "Prometheus" (despite its flaws its photography is so beautiful and the music is gorgeous).

If I would choose a long movie: "Ben Hur" (1959). I saw the HD version a few months ago for the very first time and I was blown away by the flawless crystal-clear picture, sound etc. Truly epic.

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