Y-Wing (Gold Leader) Build - Nice-N Model Designs


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While going through my reference photos, I came across a pipe that I had originally missed (below, center) on the starboard/right side. I thought this one was interesting because it appears in the production photos, but not in the post-production photos, including the museum pictures.


Also interesting is that it appears to be inserted into the same part as seen on the other side (port), lining up exactly with the corresponding pipe:


I'm guessing that the original pipe fell off the model at some point. It's a little surprising considering the fact that there are plenty of other more fragile parts that could have fallen off or even broken off instead.
Well, I'm out of time this weekend. More stuff to come next week. ;)


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While cleaning up the seams on the engines, I noticed that the detailing (patch panels) on the front of the wings was wrong. Here's a before photo:


There's no detailing on the right side and the detailing on the left side is incorrect. Here's a closeup of the right side:


More than likely, this is correct for Red Leader. I've removed the detailing with an X-acto knife and some 220 and 600 grit.
The patch panels look like they are all about 1/16" wide, so they're easy enough to cut out. I've already cut them out of some styrene. I just need to clean up the area before applying them.

And here's the finished product. Left side:


Right side:
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We had a heat wave recently so instead of bending plastic rods for the "pipes", I decided to add some detail to the main engines. Here's a before shot of the left side:


Before gluing the panel, I held it in place and then used a heat gun to help bend it so that it would lay down properly:


And then on to the right side. Same technique:


While looking at the reference photos, I noticed that the right engine was missing some pipping detail near the top:


The detail is so small that it didn't get pulled during the casting process, which is typical. At first I thought it was a very small piece of round rod, but it turned out to be the same material used for the patch panels. I used another, similar piece of detail as a reference for size:


I trimmed a small piece and then sanded one side with 220. The placement was tricky. Super glue was applied on both ends and then a little near the center of the piece on the engine only. One end of the piece was held in place until it was dry and then the other end was held in place:


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