Which MR Saber to buy? Anakin or OBI ROTS

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Darthmagpie, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Darthmagpie

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    I only have a few MR props and every time I buy one It is a great experience. The awsome quality, the packaging, the display case the envelope with the paper goodies and the dust cloth(with some). MR just does it right. The price on these 2 have moved into my budget and can't pass (one) it up.

    The problem is I like to invision my props as antiquities rather than replicas, just makes it more fun for me. Therefore I could never justify the Anakin ROTS because I have a ANH graflex. He didn't have it that long so I don't feel there is a need for a Sudo AFBB. The Obi, I like it and it would be nice to have a shiny version of the ANH weathered version, but how does that work with the MR AFBB? Aren't they the same thing but look different? Then there is the Vader which bearly appeared on screen and I hate the look so I am comfortable believing the ANH Vader is the justifiable ROTS.

    I know this is been asked before but I am looking for opinions from a different perspective. I am not looking for the quality or coolness of the saber its self but which is the more justafiable one to own from the in unerverse perspective. I hope that this isn't sounding too weird :D

    Thanks, Ben
  2. the.rebel.agent

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    Ben, I bought the Obi-Wan EPIII and I am really happy with that. I will tell you something about that one. E3 version is unique. In ANH movie, the lightsaber was older and modified. But remains the same. Now tell me, did obi-wan modified the one took from Anakin during those years of solitude? Why Luke did not received the same E3 lightsaber? Did obi-wan used it? I do not know, But I would buy the Obi-Wan If I were in your position. Hope that helps. Best regards.
  3. Jumpin Jax

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    I just don't think much of anakin his non-Luke saber.......so I'd go Obi as well :)
  4. TheRealMcFly

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    I say go with the Obi too. I have the Anakin ROTS FX and while I'm aware that its not 100% accurate like the LE, I still say it shames in comparison to any Graflex based version of the saber.

    One thing I like to keep in mind is visual interest. I think the ROTS anakin saber lacks a good amount of this, while the graflex has plenty. The old ben saber built for ROTS still holds a lot of the 'lightsaber' spirit in my opinion.

    The film characters were not constantly updating their designs, these are props. Its important to remember that the Luke ESB and the Anakin ROTS saber are the same thing in the star wars universe. Only people on forums like this even bother looking twice.

    If I were you I'd get the Obi, but you should buy the one you like best.
  5. darthwhitey

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    I bought both when they came out, but if i had it to do over again i would just buy the Obi

    I kinda thought that the Anakin saber would be what old Ben hands down to Luke in Ep. 4...but of course it's slightly different (and, to me, not an improvement) over Lukes saber

    shortly after i bought them, MR came out with the Ep. 4 Luke saber, so i bought that too... :D

    i will probably just sell the Anakin saber on Ebay one of these days

    for me, the Luke Ep. 4 saber is THE saber of the original films...(although really not as cool as Luke's ROTJ saber)

    but that polished shiny new Obi saber is really sweet...i couldnt pass that one up

    or course, just my $.02

  6. JunkSabers1138

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    I agree. The Luke ANH saber is THE saber for most of us fans, and most of us have had a Graflex made to look like Luke's saber, but it just can't compete to the coolness of the Obi-Wan ANH and Luke ROTJ sabers. The Obi ANH, Luke ROTJ (and all it's variations), and the Obi ROTS are my favorite lightsaber designs because they look the most like what a real lightsaber would... to me anyway. There's always that felling of functionality inside me every time I see one of those three designs. So yes, buy the Obi. You will NOT regret it :D.
  7. Darthmagpie

    Darthmagpie Well-Known Member

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    Thanks guys. I guess It is Unanimous.
  8. ob1al

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    My two favourite lightsaber designs from the saga are the Luke ANH and the Obi ANH. They are the coolest looking sabers with the most 'personailty' - perhaps aside from the Vader ROTJ which also oozes character.

    I love ROTS as a movie, but the ANH versions of the sabers are the definitive ones IMO.

    I don't like the ROTS Vader saber either - too much bling and as far as I know it has NO screentime at all. :unsure

    If I was going to buy an MR saber from ROTS, the only (currently available) one I would consider is Papatine's as it is unique and has no superior alternative.
  9. Darthmagpie

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    ob1al, I agree with you so much I already have Palpatine's
  10. LastODJedi

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    Buy the Obi LE and the Anakin FX. The FX is alomost identical to the LE and there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to make the blade removable if you want to display it with your other LEs. I have all 3 of them, but I am a bit obsessive/compulsive.

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