What movie items do you use in your day to day life?


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Like Megamicrofish I used to wear an Omega Seamaster everyday for work and my brief case was the same black Samsonite with leather handle as seen in The World is not Enough. I also drove Zao's car, a jaguar XKR everyday for 4 years, pics to follow if I can find them, but it was silver not green. Nowdays I work from home so don't use as many items regularly but I am surrounded by my collection......which is nice!

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I wear the Kingsman glasses from Magnoli every day. Had my doc fit them with my prescription last year and I love them. Rarely gets noticed, but its cool when people are able to recognize them.

And while not a true EDC, I do have the Kingsman pistol as a sidearm for when playing airsoft.

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Sharken Beard

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I have my cpl so my regular everyday carry is my HK P30SK, purchased because of John Wick and his HK P30L. It’s nearly identical minus the compensator at the end, which is very impractical to conceal!

Evan Currie

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Quite a few things I have see regular use, though nothing quite reaches the EDC level.

Have a bruce wayne jacket from UDreplicas that is my standard motorcycle wear, my bike is (unintentionally, I bought it before the series) the same model Arrow drives in the series (Ducati Monster Diesel Edition). Colder weather brings out my Captain American WW2 leather jacket. If it's extremely bright and I need to be out in the sun for extended times, well I have a familiar Fedora to block the rays and some sunglasses that are a close match to Jack O'Neill's standard wear from early in Stargate. Various shirts and pants that a screen matches are in my wardrobe rotation as well.

Probably lots more I'm not remembering. lol


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I have several watches. Yes, I have a bond Rolex and Omega, but this is my work horse. Ron Swanson's Citizen from Parks and Recreation:



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My vanson wolverine jacket...when it gets colder my bane bellstaff jacket...and now that it's almost Christmas....my customer Nick Sax scarf

Mike J.

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Not every day, but my Magnoli replica Deckard necktie is probably my favorite tie, and it gets more use than any of the others.


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The vintage Carolina Loggers I initially bought for a Michael Myers costume have become my almost everyday footwear. They're the most comfortable boots I've ever worn.

I likewise use a lot of jackets that have been used in films (not THE actual screen used, of course) for outerwear.


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I use a white Krups Coffina 223 to grind my coffee. It's a decent little coffee grinder for being older than I am. Not bad for $12. I'm pretty sure it's in some movie or another... ;)
Same here. Use my krups 223 every morning I wake up. Haven’t got the mr fusion stickers or anything on it. Purely a coffee grinder haha.

I use the same lathe collets at work that are present on Reys ‘Finn knocker’ staff.


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Now that it's winter, I'm wearing the `Spectre' leather gloves made by Dents and worn by Mr Craig in, yep, Spectre.


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Ah, thanks for reminding me. Now that it's cold enough I also wear the bomber ski jacket from Spectre.


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I have the same headphones that Riley Blue wears in Sense8 I wear for work everyday

- I actually owned them before the show existed but when I watched it I was happy to find out I had a prop already - instant gratification


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Getting cold here so ive broken out Jayne Cobbs knitted bobble hat from Firefly...... That way everyone knows how cunning and tough I am.

Jayne's Cunning Hat.jpg


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Replicas of Jayne Cobb's t-shirts used to be standard wear for "Firefly Friday" at work, but with retirement, everyday can and often is "Firefly Day". With the colder weather, although not replica anything, the Miskatonic University sweatshirts are getting nearly daily use.


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I've been carrying this everyday for 5 years.

I also carry a M1911A1 inspired by Last Man Standing. I was a bit disappointed when I couldn't get the infinity ammo feature Bruce seems to have in the film. ;)


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...My Indiana Jones jacket, for example, is my regular wear during the chillier months...
I wear my Wested "Raiders" jacket regularly as well. I like "practical" props and wardrobe items, i.e. things that can be used every day, and I bought it with the intent of wearing it as a jacket rather than as a costume item.

Of course, you can also wear them as costume items, so along those lines here's my green hooded sweatjacket that's very similar to the one Jeff Bridges wore as The Dude in The Big Lebowski:


The photo of me on the left was taken at a Halloween party in 2011, but I still have the sweatjacket and wear it often.


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Baker TARDIS key (it's on my flat keys, so it's always in my pocket. And original wool 1930's period tail coat (not a wedding type) that is like 2nd Dr's.


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I’m curious what items in people’s collections get used on a day-to-day basis, that were inspired by a movie? Things that just become part of everyday life, or perhaps even your EDC. Perhaps it’s a unique movie item that simply lends itself to normal everyday life, or maybe an off the shelf product that wouldn’t even stand out as anything unique to anyone other than you, other than being the same thing that so-and-so used in that-awesome-movie-you-love.

My Indiana Jones jacket, for example, is my regular wear during the chillier months.

I used to wear Oakley Romeo’s, a purchase influenced in no small part due to the intro scene in Mission Impossible 2

When on my motorcycle, I used to carry a shoulder bag that was the same as used by Jack Bauer, along with a Microtech Halo. (The bag has since been turned into a Kaylee Frye (from firely) inspired dog collar :p)

I’m sure there are more that have since slipped my mind :)

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when it's cold i wear my Indiana Jones style leather jacket