The downfall of physical media ??? ( where do you side ) glad to see it go or not

I have Disc library of the essentials, but even if I know I own it, Ill still check every service I have access to, because its just so much more convenient and faster to stream.
I prefer the old Trek with the original SFX. But I can't really separate that from my interest in old SFX.

I actually don't mind these "improved" versions being created. I just think they should ALWAYS be packaged together with an un-edited original version. (No exceptions or excuses. No bullcrap like the Star Wars lasersdisc cuts on the DVDs. The original version must be equally high-quality, equally easy to view, etc.)
It is annoying that physical media is getting rarer now and that physical versions are now "collectors editions."

In gaming, classic games and indie games are mostly digital only with physical releases being rare collector editions like Final Fantasy 7 and 8 and Furi. Given the fact that games can also just go offline due to licensing issues (see Activision and Marvel games like Deadpool or the Transformer games that can only be accessed through hard copies).

I dont think all media needs to have a hard copy and be preserved but some stuff is good. I am not happy that there continues to be a strong push by corporations to make everything digital.
And now Walmart is going to stop selling physical video games, at least for Xbox...

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I was in Target this past weekend and the Physical Media isle was reduced, since I was last there, to a small shelf unit with new release DVDs on one side and vinyl albums on the other.
Not a fan of physical media of any kind. Not even physical books. I need the shelf space for, um, other things.

Looking forward to the day when I can simply "jack in".
We've taken to making sure we've purchased and ripped hard copies of everything. Had stuff turned off way too often. More than a little tired of expensive, purchased software that won't even launch without an internet connection, too. Of course, we've all signed those one-sided EULA contracts we had no part in negotiating and are changed at whim. It was never supposed to be this way....

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