What movie items do you use in your day to day life?


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I’m curious what items in people’s collections get used on a day-to-day basis, that were inspired by a movie? Things that just become part of everyday life, or perhaps even your EDC. Perhaps it’s a unique movie item that simply lends itself to normal everyday life, or maybe an off the shelf product that wouldn’t even stand out as anything unique to anyone other than you, other than being the same thing that so-and-so used in that-awesome-movie-you-love.

My Indiana Jones jacket, for example, is my regular wear during the chillier months.

I used to wear Oakley Romeo’s, a purchase influenced in no small part due to the intro scene in Mission Impossible 2

When on my motorcycle, I used to carry a shoulder bag that was the same as used by Jack Bauer, along with a Microtech Halo. (The bag has since been turned into a Kaylee Frye (from firely) inspired dog collar :p)

I’m sure there are more that have since slipped my mind :)

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I have the wested cotton Indiana jones jacket which is my smart going out jacket. I leave the leather one for cosplay and adventuring. Ive got a couple of Sheldon Cooper's t-shirts that a wear fairly frequently. Other than that i tend to open packages with either my Predator knife or Batarangs as they are usually to hand.


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Half my wardrobe consists of clothes and accesories worn by Daniel Craig's James Bond so they get used fairly reguarly.

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My EDC backpack is a German Alpine rucksack, the same type used in Pacific Rim.
Took me 2 months to track down a real one instead of a cheap Chinese knock off.

The pack before that was the same $12 pack used in Jurassic Park 3.
I had it for several years before noticing it in JP3.


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Every day I eat my lunch in the presence of my four favorite Transformers (Grapple,Hoist,Tracks and Sideswipe; Third-party and Takara Masterpieces that is),parked (in robot-mode) on my late grandfather’s cupboard right next to the dining table.I never get bored looking at them and lunch tastes better that way.
On my nightstand I have a plastic figurine of Spider-man,and two Marvel Legend action figures (Beetle & Mysterio) helping me through my insomnia every night.Mysterio being my first costume in production at the moment is moved from nightstand to workbench and back every day.
Last but not least I have a Spider-man t-shirt that I love to wear,eventhough it’s probably of inferior quality,but I love it anyway,especially since it’s a souvenir my parents and brother gave me.
I’d love to buy the XM Studios version of Mysterio,but that one’s quite expensive...


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I wear a Timex IronMan watch every day.

I had a BMF wallet, until last week (see vent thread). It was my first ever online purchase back in the late 90's and my first replica. Will be replacing that very soon.


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Several pieces from my Ghostbusters cosplay/prop replica collections have gotten rather more casual use than I expected.

One time we were under bad weather and told to seek shelter, so we had the kids in the bathtub under a blanket. As an afterthought, I realized I owned enough real hardhats for cosplay purposes to distribute one to each of us. I personally wore the one to which I'd attached the battery-operated headlamp.


I've also used that hardhat when changing lightbulbs in the windowless laundry room, so I can illuminate where I'm looking and have both hands free.

One time our power was out for several hours, and thus our cordless phones were inoperable, and the cell phones couldn't be recharged, so I took my giant 'Ray Stantz' Maglite normally used on my web belt, and went digging through some boxes until I found one of the plug-into-the-wall phones I'd collected and used that to call the power company.

RBF maglite.jpg Dana donut phone.jpg

I bought an Optivisor just because Sigourney Weaver wears one in GB2. Now that I need bifocals, it came in handy for some wiring and soldering projects.

Optivisor 2.jpg Optivisor.jpg

I bought a coat very similar to Dan Aykroyd's in the opening library scenes of the first film. It's an English coat, wool and very warm, and became my favorite winter coat.

Panasonic Quasar Gloverall.jpg Gloverall Xmas.jpg

Which reminds me... I also bought a vintage Nikon camera case like he wears in those scenes.

Nikon-Cameras-PhotoVideo-Used-by-Dan-Aykroyd-in-Ghostbusters-3b.jpg DSC04506.JPG

This item arrived and I realized it was a perfect fit around my modern Sony camera, so I decided to get constant use out of it.

Two days later, coming back from a children's birthday party in October 2015, we had a bad wreck and were tossed around inside my buddy Brandon's aptly-named Avalanche as it rolled in the median. We all had minor bumps and bruises, but we were mainly okay, which was miraculous considering how violent it was. My eyeglasses were thrown off my head and wound up in the backseat with my son Zak, the camera was flung off my neck and wound up elsewhere in the cab, an external plastic case for the flash attachment was cracked and shattered... but the camera inside the 30-year-old hard leather case was perfectly fine... and was immediately used to take all of the photos and video for insurance purposes.


In fact, the Nikon case got so much more use from me since 2015 that I eventually bought another for cosplay/prop use only, and keep the one that's beginning to look a bit worn just for real-life camera protection.

And the most recent instance of everyday prop usage was this pair of headphones that I bought to make Egon's Walkman/stethoscope from GB1. They were so pristine-- even including the foam covers-- that I couldn't bring myself to cut the wires just yet.


I awoke one morning to find them on my wife's nightstand, plugged into her tablet. She'd pressed them into service after I'd fallen asleep, unaware they were 35 years old and intended for cosplay.


EDIT: I had originally lumped these two Janine phones in with the pics of the Dana 'donut' phone. But it occurred to me later that I've never been able to test either of those due to their larger 'multi-line' office plugs, so I removed the pic. The thumbnail remains below.


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I always carry a replica of the 4th Doctor sonic screwdriver with me for good luck. I also carry a TARDIS key. As far as clothes I have several Doctor Who coats I wear in winter. I also have a Batman "armor" leather jacket that I wear when its cold. I've also carried other props on my person depending on my mood like replica batarangs.


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I'll often wear my Omega Speedmaster (sadly fake) with the Apollo 13 accurate strap.

Also, I regularly use my Leatherman Charge Titanium multitool as seen in several movies/TV series.

Oh, and my old laptop which I still occasionally use (Dell XPS) is the same model used to save the world several times by Sam Carter in Stargate. :)


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I use a white Krups Coffina 223 to grind my coffee. It's a decent little coffee grinder for being older than I am. Not bad for $12. I'm pretty sure it's in some movie or another... ;)


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Steve Rogers every day blue jacket from Civil War (modified Dickies jacket) gets some use along with ANH solo vest I made myself-I enjoy people looking at the vest like they know what it is but aren't sure that is what they are seeing.