What does your Darth Vader Costume consist of?

Darth Kahnt

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Here's a thread for all the Darth Vader costumers to tell us the origin and makers of all the parts of your costume. I'm not looking for people to debate on what the best components are, just simply tell us who the makers of each of your parts are and a little history if you like. Also, what Vader look you are going for (ANH, ESB, ROTJ, ROTS) :D

I'll start:

ROTJ Vader

Helmet - cKing
Armor: Gino
Cape & Inner Robe: Custardkitty (modified with correct cape chain)
Chestbox: Gino ROTJ
Gloves: TK510
Pleather Suit: Custardkitty
Belt: Modified Rubies (next piece to be upgraded)
Cod: Dark Shadow
Shins: TK510
Boots: Sportsman Guide East German Officer Boots
Saber: Larbel EL

Whoo's next? :)

eddie vader

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ESB Vader

Helmet - JB ESB
Armor - GH painted by JB
Leather Accurate 3- Piece Bodysuit - CKing/Darthchops (1 of only a handful or less). Expensive, but worth every penny.
Cape & Inner Robe - Rein One. Great quality and heavy
Chestbox - GINO ESB
Gloves - jvasilatos ESB
Boots - Soviet Officer boots
Shins - darthwill?
Cod - do not have one yet
Belt - I am in the very slow process of making my own
Saber - MR ESB
Mannequin - 6'7" bendable that needs to be shaped properly

Hopefully, I will get him completed before too long.

Darth Domain

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I think mine is more ROTJ

Helmet: Modded rubies
undersuite: Rubies
Cape/underrobe: Rubies
Chestbox: Rubies with ROTJ decals
Belt: Rubies boxes, 2inch leather belt and Russrep buckle
Cod: rubies
Boots: somewhere off E-Bay
Gloves: Sitharmor
Chest armor/shins: Still Rubies
Sabre: MR FX ANH Vader


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I have such a mixture of parts, but here is what I know.

ROTJ Vader

Helmet - azuldelta (Guy from Spain), modified ABS Rubies.
Armor: azuldelta (Guy from Spain)
Cape & Inner Robe: Custom made by a friend in 501st (OLG Garrison)Chestbox: GT ROTJ
Gloves: TK510
Pleather Suit: cucblack- 2 piece pleather from ebay
Belt: Self built. 2" leather belt, Hammond Project boxes, pilot lights and red leds, thumb screws.
Cod: 2- Sith Armor and unknown (off ebay)
Shins: TK510
Boots: Heavily modified costume boots.
Saber: custom el ROTJ Saber and MR ESB Saber


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Helmet: MJ (20th C)
undersuite: Rein one 3 piece
Cape/underrobe: Still under research & development.
Chestbox: Modified Gino ESB (not really sure to what extent it has been modified)
Belt: Accurate ESB hero version. Made by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.
Cod: TMP
Boots: Vintage German Jackboots
Gloves: GT (groan.)
Chest armor: JB (GH clone?)
Shins: GT (cast from screen used stunt set?)
Saber: Real MPP with replica end cap and shroud


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This is the last incarnation of my ESB Vader:

Helmet - Don Post C/A
Armor: old version GT-clone in ABS
Cape & Inner Robe: Sithplanet
Chestbox: GT-derivative ROTJ (needs ESB top greeblie)
Gloves: TK510
Pleather Suit: Custardkitty
Belt: Homemade leather belt w/ Hammond boxes (Russrep box knobs & saber hook)
Cod: Darth Pimphat
Shins: TK510
Boots: Soviet officers' boots
Saber: MR FX ESB, Heiland Synchronar (WIP)


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My at the moment Vaders:


Helmet - Azuldelta
Armor: Bernado
Chestbox: Gino ROTJ modified
Cape & Inner Robe: Movie-FX Germany
Gloves: jvasilatos ROTJ style
Leather Suit: 1 piece leather suit Movie-FX Germany
Belt: Self built. Leather belt, metall boxes, pilot lights and red leds, thumb screws.
Cod: tk720
Shins: Movie-FX Germany ABS Shins
Boots: German Officer boots
Saber: Larbel EL
Sound: Portumac
Mannequin - 6'4" with latex mask modified with glass eyes and portumac reveal jaw and neckseal


Helmet - GH
Armor: GH
Chestbox: Very accurate replica but don´t know the maker.
Cape & Inner Robe: Movie-FX Germany, Gino cape also.
Gloves: jvasilatos ANH style
Leather Suit: 1 piece leather suit lukasalvarez
Belt: Self built. Leather belt, Russ boxes, accurate green and red lights.
Cod: Dark Shadow
Shins: tk720 fiberglass
Boots: German Officer boots
Saber: Real MPP converted, Icons ANH replica, 2 converted Heiland 3 cells
Sound: Portumac


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Helmet :SPFX
Armor :Not sure on this one
Cape and inner robe: Sithplanet
Gloves: Sith Armor
2 pc. Leather suit: Sithplanet
Belt I built 2in. leather belt with plastic boxes pilot lights and red bezel lights and thumb screws
Cod: Sitharmor
Shins: Sitharmor
Boots: C/A Boots
Saber: Revamped FX hilt
Sound: Vortex board Hyperdyne


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ESB Vader.....mostly. :D

Helmet: Portumac-Modded Rubies with a soon to have GH dome.
Armor: GT
Belt: GT-Will be updated soon with a set of Russrep boxes with correct lights.
Boots: Black riding boots.
Suit: CustardKitty
Gloves: GT
Shins: GT
Chest Box: You guessed it, GT. :p


Boba Frett

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I am working on all three from the OT.
The only complete one is my ROTJ.

ESB/ROTJ Vader ANH in progress

Helmet - CT/Modded CA / DP Deluxe copy
Armor - Self made / Modded GT
Cape & Inner Robe - Kevader / Rubies with lining sewn in
Gloves- TK510 / ANH?
Chestbox - GT ROTJ / Self made ESB / Tosphaser ANH
Leather Body Suit - Sithplanet /Costume Junkie / Modded Costume Junkie?
Belt - Self made / GT / Soon to have RussRep ANH boxes :thumbsup
Cod - Have two, don't know who made them, I suspect one is a GT
Shins - TK510 / GT / Rubies fiberglass recast
Boots - Tall German Officer boots / English riding boots / Sportsman Guide East German Officer Boots
Saber - FX with removable blade / converted Graflex ROTJ


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Mine's been a work in progress for a very long time, I switched from a Jedi Vader to an ESB version as I realised that some of the components have a more direct link to screen accurate ESB pieces.

ESB Vader

Helmet: Twentieth Century face, GH dome
Armor: GH
Cape: Custom made polyester - so be replaced with wool version shortly
Inner robe: Cotton(?) Galaxy trading - to be upgraded shortly
Chestbox: Screen accurate ESB apparently from original with Gino/CRPROPS rods
Gloves: jvasilatos ESB
Suit: 3 piece DavidYR1 suit from CTF ( :) :thumbsup )
Belt: Self-made with Durasteel corp's metal studs
Cod: Dark Shadow
Shins: Plastic vacs apparently from a tour Vader, or cast from a tour Vader. Originally part of the same costume the "Twentieth Century" helmet came from.
Boots: Nothing decent yet
Saber: none yet.



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WIP - ANH Vader

Helmet: JB V1 (working on trading for a JB V2)
Armor: GH
Chestbox: Vaderdarth (the wooden style, also have a set of original buttons)
Belt: Vaderdarth (will be getting lamp/mesh being offered)
Cape/Inner Robe: None
Suit: None (possibly getting a cking/darthchops suit)
Gloves: None
Cod: None (working on getting a TMP)
Shins: GT (latest version)
Boots: None
Saber: MR limited edition and MR FX saber



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ANH Vader

Helmet - Made by Local Artisan (origins are unknown, but is it one of the most accurate I have seen)
Armor: PhoenixVader (designed by myself, made from measurements taken from ESB stunt armor)
Cape & Inner Robe: PhoenixVader (designed by me, sewn by my wife and I)
Chestbox: PhoenixVader (custom made from measurements taken from Screen Used)
Gloves: TK510 ANH Gloves (Very accurate)
Leather Suit: GT the very last full body leathers he made ;)
Belt: PhoenixVader (using russep boxes and buckle)
Cod: Can't remember the guys name, came from Sweden
Shins: Old style GT fiberglass, modifed to be longer
Boots: Custom made by a boot maker in Guatamala
Saber: PhoenixVader (hilt) using a MPP clone. MR FX ANH (stunt saber for wacking the fans) ;)
Neck Brace - Wish I could remeber the board member that made this, work of art.



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Helmet: JB V2 "master"
Armor: Ghosthost
Cape & Inner Robe: Cape from someone in Hawaii, inner robe by a tailor who's name escapes me
Chestbox: custom
Gloves: JV
Leather Suit: Rein One
Belt: Vaderdarth
Cod: some old craftsman ;)
Shins: have no idea...they are longer/straighter but fit me better
Boots: J. Crew (on sale ;))
Saber: HK Larbel ANH
Neck Brace: none needed for ANH

How about a pic next to each description of your ensembles? :)



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Helmet: Elstree ROTJ
Armor: GH
Cape & Inner Robe: SF in Italy (100% wool)
Chestbox: GINO ROTJ
Gloves: TK510
Leather Suit: SF Italian leather
Belt: Durasteel corporation ROTJ belt
Cod: Dark Shadow
Shins: TK510 ABS plastic shins
Boots: standard leather boots


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Helmet - JB
Armor: JB
Chestbox: GT
Cape & Inner Robe: EBAY
Gloves: EBAY
Leather Suit: BAT- from mexico
Belt: GT
Cod: David R1
Shins: GT
Saber: MR

Darth Kahnt

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I am having a photo shoot done when I return from vacation in the middle of July. I will post a pic then.

Great response to this thread. Keep it coming... :D

Darth Clayton

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Here's mine...


Helmet - JB
Armor: JB
Cape & Inner Robe: Custom made
Chestbox: Gino ROTJ
Gloves: JV
3 Piece Leather Suit: ReinOne
Belt: Portumac
Shins: Ebay
Saber: Custom ROTJ Hilt & ESB MR FX

A little Photoshop magic..


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This is my current Vader:

Helmet: JB Rotj
Chest Armor : Phoenix (With drilled hole for cape hook)
Belt: Durasteel Corp
Chest Box: Gino
Cod: Dark Shadow
Bodysuit: Spouse
Cape: Spouse
Cloak: Spouse
Boots: Eastern Coast Costume
gloves: tk510
Shins: tk510
Saber: De-bladed ESB FX

And oh yes: Not visible in the costume, but a Cool Vest. ( I don't want to die.)



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Gone but not forgotten.
My only complete Vader costume was made from cardboard and masking tape...all those years ago.

I currently have helmets by GH and VM.