ESB Life Size Mannequin Darth Vader Build

Darth Ocram

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Hey guys,

I've been working on an ESB Darth Vader build for the better part of the past year. I've been lurking on this forum and The Prop Den looking at people's amazing builds and getting ideas.

I was able to connect with the kind folks over at the SLD for input regarding the costume. I'm getting close to completion and thought I'd start a thread to show off the progress I've made. Here's the list of components for my build:

Mask/Dome – Mike Warren ESB
Armor - Mike Warren DJ
Gloves – Noisetrigger
Lightsaber – MR ESB Conversion by BrotherVader
Codpiece – CRPROPS
Shinguards- Portumac
Boots- Russian Officer Riding Boots
Mannequin – 6'6" mannequin
Hilt Hook - Wannawanga
Belt - Earthly designs
Belt Boxes and Belt Buckle– Dark Side
Bodysuit- Fenix Props 3 piece
Chestbox – Dark Side - Currently in production.
Cape and Inner Robe - KevVader - Wait list

I based my build on the David Prowse measurements I found here. I started with and modified a decent sized mannequin. It had the right inseam, but I needed to add some length to the torso:



I padded out the torso with 1" mattress foam to get the mannequin to match the dimensions of Prowse.


Here's the current state of my build. Just waiting on the chest box and cape set to complete the components set.



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