War Machine pepakura WIP- update 10th sept! fibre glass Stage WOOO! (Pic Heavy)

Im a newbee..so was looking at some great work people have done specially your s that's my project I want to start...what happens to the rest of the built? Any updates?
still sitting in my basement without any money and time to finish it :D needs a lot of filler, so its gonna sit there for a while until i have enough money to spend freely on this ;)
I feel the same way, I just recently lost my job and only can work on it until the fiber glass stage after that is the waiting game
Hello EyeofSauron!

Outstanding work man!
Hope you can get back to your project sometime soon!
I'll subscribe and wait for your updates :)

Best regards,
I'm 6 ft 1in and going to start pepping on my he war machine costume
this weekend hopefully. Did you scale your files just by trial and error or
measure specific parts?
Re: War Machine pepakura WIP- dummy pics added 4th August! (Pic Heavy, feedback welco

So it's been three years since you posted this. But isn't that the A-Team in the background?

so an update, got my dummy finished, and also biceps, elbow and forearm are finished for both arms!
but i cant get the hip pod on but i dont know why. chest too because of the inflexible arms :( so i have to wait for those to get to resin and bondo and get it over then (cut open chest on one side, and hip just to get more stable so i can be a bit rougher) so here it is, besides my home cinema screen, where its final stand will be :)

p.s. kudos to the person who can tell me what tv series the screen shot is from :)
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