War Machine Helmet Build - Iron Man 2 - Eva Foam


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Today I'm going ol' school.
I'm building The Classic WAR MACHINE Helmet from Iron man 2.

I actually made the War Machine Mark 1 armor cosplay back in 2012 and I had a blast making it.
I went all out. It had a motorized faceplate, motorized minigun and forearm weapons and they lit up and made sounds when activated. It was my first really ambitious foam build.

The only thing that stood out, was that I made the helmet out of the paper pepakura method with resin, fiberglass, body filler etc.
I didn't have confidence in my foam helmet making skills back then.I didn't think that Foam helmets could look very accurate.
I was dead wrong. This foam helmet ended up looking much better than my first attempt almost 10 years ago.
Goes to show what practice over the years will do.

If you'd like to make your own War Machine Foam Cosplay Helmet,
you can check out the build video and get the foam pepakura file template here:

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