Punisher War Machine Build/ Version 1.0


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So recently embarked on my first Iron Man/ War Machine build. But had to do something different. When the Punisher War Machine comics came out I knew what I had to do. Shortly after Hot Toys released the version from future fight and solidified this. Printed the first piece in mid February and almost gave up due to time constraints and frustration. Fast forward a couple weeks and build was in full swing to make it to Wondercon 2019. 4-5 weeks away... wish I had taken more photos of the build process but was able to capture a few of the stages. Files were Maxcrft War Machine Mk3 and my own shoulders created on fusion with retracting lower plate. I label this 1.0 as I have already started adding/ changing/ modifying and refining the suit.

Instagram : @Stirex05 if you are interested in more photos and other projects

The reference image..

First print, was too big and ended up being re-printed.

Redesigned shoulder.
20190220_200654.jpg 20190303_175131.jpg 20190304_212813.jpg 20190305_152436.jpg 20190324_134412.jpg 20190325_173015.jpg IMG_20190228_222647_018.jpg IMG_20190319_104746_811.jpg IMG_20190319_104746_814.jpg IMG_20190319_104746_816.jpg Resized_20190309_144453_5575.jpeg
The multiple stages of print/ sand / primer.
20190311_145651.jpg 20190311_193520.jpg 20190313_233516.jpg 20190316_145755.jpg

Helmet going through the stages.. finished painting the skull only to realize I forgot the nose... added after haha...
Parts all laid out ready to be loaded up to Wondercon. At this point I still hadn't completed the harness, still had to figure out attachments, padding, under suit, or electronics... and after a 40 hour attempt to finish marathon, was time to drive to Wondercon and finish the build in the hotel.

IMG_20190331_204845_997.jpg IMG_20190331_204846_000.jpg received_2223384364388163.jpeg 20190331_204519.jpg

So a few pics... moments after I entered the actual hall someone ran into me and broke the shoulder mounts. A more rigid one is already in the works as are bigger shoulders.

Image edited by @art_hero_comicpics over on insta.

So all printed in PLA on 2 CR-10s. Took approx. 9 rolls of filament, there were a couple re-prints. Lots of sanding, glazing putty, filler primer and time. Most of the main parts are screwed together with brackets, some of the screws seen are part of construction, others cosmetic only. Ab section and belt have "flex" areas re-designed into them to allow movement. Used rubber and thick elastic bands to link areas instead of gluing or bracketing. Paint was process. Primer, wet-sand, aluminum, wet-sand, liquid mask on high areas to expose alum. later, black, remove maskings, wet-sand, scuff, clear coat... ran out of time to do a wash, but will get that done before the next appearance.

As far as movement, walking was fine, but had limited arm movement. Some re-design and sizing changes are in order.

Updates coming...

I will try and keep an eye on the thread and answer any questions. Will also post updates as I work on Version 1.5 - 2.0
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